Is your current lover the right one? How can you find out?

The answer is simple: It’s through mindfulness

Mindfulness is a recurring and an important theme on our platform.  Love and relationships also play an important part in all of your lives.

  • So, is your current lover a mindful one
  • Does your sweetheart display symptoms of mindfulness?
  • Is your lover a beacon of enlightenment?

All these questions must be causing you a heartburn. Hence I have written this post to help you.

How to know if your lover is mindful?

Without any further delay, here are three tests of a mindful lover. These will help you decide on their level of mindfulness.

Test 1:
How does your lover use salt?

How does your partner use salt when seasoning a dish?  Is it straight from the can to the pan? Or is it the mindful way?
The mindful way is always can to palm of the hand and then using the three fingers  below to gently sprinkle the salt on the dish.

Test 2:
How does your lover eat an apple?

Does he or she cut the apple mindfully in half or does your beloved just crack into it like a poodle when given a squishy toy like the one below?


Test 3:
How does your beloved dispose of waste?

Let’s say that your partner is throwing away a pie.

The mindful way to dispose of the pie would be to place it gently with two hands inside the bin.

Does your beloved do that? No? You have a problem on your hand….

Can you help your beloved in their mindfulness journey?

If your lover has failed these tests what do you do? Well, you can ditch or you can try to enrich. How?

Black Lotus App(BLA) is the way to go.

BLA has inspired me in my duties and it might just be the ticket to transform your lover  from spiritual pumpkin to  an eventual Kingpin.

You can then enjoy special date nights and also discover your inner calling.

So, hopefully through this post, Shekhu Spear has  alleviated your fear and elevated your relationship status to another sphere.

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