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La fable du moine et du scorpion

Le Soleil ne demande pas qui es tu, les arbres ne demandent pas à...

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Pensée du jour

Notre esprit est un jardin fertile. Si les mauvaises herbes poussent et que je...

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The Fable of the Monk and the...

The Sun doesn’t ask who are you, trees don’t ask which race do you...

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Life is just an extension of the...

Opening the fridge and instantly having access to luscious produces. You are very lucky.

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La chasse des trésors rares dans l’Himalaya

En cherchant on trouve, en creusant nous découvrons, en buvant nous assimilons..

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On arrête jamais d’apprendre

Om Swami est un Gourou exceptionnel. L’écouter tous les jours vous changera à jamais.

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Stop blaming and start acting

They give us oxygen for free so that we can live and enjoy this...

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The secret to immortality

Do you have a miniature idol in your house (any God, maybe a horse,...

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Can I build mindfulness through a broom 🧹 ?

Meditating while sweeping or sweeping while meditating…

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Once a student, always a student.

You can never stop learning. If the universe keeps expanding, then I am just...

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