It is no secret that our body is made up of approximately 70% water. This is also the case for most plants and other creatures living on planet Earth🌍. Even in the unforgiving deserts of the Sahara, the Cactus stores water within itself to be able to cut through severe droughts, the camel stores water into its hump(s) to sustain itself against the tides of such times when it has to go long periods without water. Can you imagine a world without rain and water? In order to get fruits and vegetables, there is a lengthy process of tilting the soil, adding manure, seeding, watering, protecting against diseases, birds and wild animals, and a very long wait spanning months and even years for them to ultimately end in our plates.

Can you imagine doing the same thing to get water? Tilting the soil and then seed and then wait for months or even years for the manifestation of water. Can you imagine such a life? Imagine going to the market to buy water as you are buying oil today? Fortunately this process has been outsourced to nature itself. Whatever we are paying for water, is actually only for the collection, treatment and distribution process. Water itself is provided free and even then, it doesn’t come cheap. Even your favorite strawberries, mangoes and coconut water will not grow without water.

Value water and above all respect it like a life-giving mother, because it absolutely is.

PS- My sincere apologies if I have inadvertently offended someone. I know many countries face difficulties to access clean water. My prayers go to them.


…Hari Om…