Stop blaming and start acting 2Did it ever happen to you that your nephews, nieces, colleague’s children or even neighbor’s kids coming into your house ripping off your curtains, bedsheets, touching everything, throwing things around? The anger! How could they!

This is the same for innocent harmless trees and shrubs. For no reason plucking the leaves, kicking them, shredding their leaves because one is feeling nervous or is in a bad mood cannot be justified. Please stop doing that.

We humans, have a bad habit of blame transfer. My little toe bumped with a side table, the table is to be blamed. Arm bumped into the door, the door is to be blamed. The pen has stopped writing, the pen is to be blamed. My beautiful people, nothing is perfect. And in this not-so-perfect world let’s be humble. 

Don’t kick a plant, do not pluck its leaves because your own hands are not in your control. If while snatching, tearing a leaf or a branch you get hurt so the plant is to be blamed. Absolutely not, you are to be blamed.

Stop blaming and start acting 3You have lungs, why? To breathe, breathe what? Oxygen, what? Well because of plants and trees. Half of our lungs are almost in those trees. Just like our Nintendos, expensive phones and cars are tin boxes without batteries. Likewise, we will be an empty shell without trees. They give us oxygen for free so that we can live and enjoy this world around us while they remain stagnant in the same place forever.