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One Thing That Killed More Than Covid

Some stories that roar back at you.

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Light Up a Matchstick and Burn Me...

I throw my hands in the air. Call me and pick me up!

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I Know You Have a Little Pocket.

Now keep me there with you.

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One Person is Enough

Jaise hum samaaj mein rehte hai, vaise hi, samaaj bhi hum mein rehta hai.

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Break My Brain

An unpleasant trail of thoughts.

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Loving a Criminal

What if we love a criminal too?

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Numb Sores

Right often feels wrong and wrong feels right. Human life is neither white nor...

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Yours Faithfully, 2020

2020 is like a boon because each one of you makes it better.

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A Sincere Prayer

A prayer of a fallen soul for the beautiful light of the holy divine.

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Children of Love

A quick visit to an orphanage made me realise the value of enough. We...

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Average, the Beauty

Constant comparisons are disheartening. Let's make peace with the beautiful average that we are.

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River of Life

A poem about a new seeker's window to spirituality.

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