We all are on different boats

Crossing our river endlessly.

We all row in our own way

Willing to go to the ocean leisurely.


Rocks, curves, cyclones and storms,

Floods, earthquakes and the fierce waves

Hurdles are up, so take your boat

To station at a peaceful bay.


A bay where your fire burns,

A bay you might fear but will go.

For now your boat is fit and fine

I wish you row. Row! Row!


I row my boat sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

And sometimes I just stand still.

I see boats hurrying as if competing

But the competition is nill.


Atoms by atoms are we made,

Atoms is the whole cosmos.

What worries you, dear? Why do you stress?

What’s the difference between you and an albatross?


I row or maybe the waves push me.

I may drown and grow underneath.

Maybe I love or maybe I lose,

But now I see a Godly sheath.


I neither see the ocean yet

Nor the shore out there.

I still have my oars and my boat

To boats and beings I offer care.


I see the sky and I see the water-

Blue here and blue there.

Rivers flowing back to ocean

I should drown and that’s all I care.


River of life and the ocean so spiritual-

I see it and I feel the bliss.

Water here and the same there,

Is it the Holy Water that we miss?

– Suguna Ganguly


Thank you for reading my poem.😇

Have a good day.


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