Through this poem, I have tried to portray the emotions of a human being when he or she is on the verge of giving up as certain questions always remain unanswered in one’s life.


Better to leave certain sores numb

While they heal.

Numbness is neither love nor hate

And don’t let your fingers peel

The wound’s crust,

A dying trust,

A shocking indifference and

You wonder- Is love must?


Meetings left imprints 

In your tender heart,

Good as well as sour;

And you try to mend

For the sake of whatever

With a hammer and a nail.

You try to fix yourself

Then your relation

Then people or the person

And maybe you fail.

You give up, you ail

And eventually something in you dies.


So, you let it be

And you let it heal

With pain or with indifference

You become numb.

Maybe to such situation,

You just succumb.


You know there is more to say,

You know there is more to do 

To mend it further

But you stay aloof;

Because you are tired

Of life in you;

But you continue

To ‘Live. Love. Laugh. Give’

‘Cuz life is beautiful too.


Never stepping out of ego

You have an image to maintain.

You live with your secrets so ugly

That even you refrain.

You deny and you lie

And you often give up

On yourself asking- Why

Is it important to feign?


What you did in past 

Is what you forgot;

And what you have got now

Is what the past begot;

But the present in your hand

Doesn’t seem to be at accord

With what you would wish.

So, you leave certain sores numb-

Healing or decaying, you don’t care

Evolution is for the fittest

For now, animalistic survival seems fair.


Ego and image,

You continue to uphold.

Midst lies comes devotion-

Contrast cajoled.

It is not enough, you know,

You might not do enough

To let yourself grow.

Healing or not 

You just repeat

Live. Love. Laugh‘, let go

And you give too, cuz

You plough what you sow.


Sorry for such a complex poem. Anyway, if you read it or tried to decifer the meaning in your own way, I am really grateful to you. 😇❤

Thank you for giving it a part of your precious time.🙏