Dear God,

You know me inside out-

A helpless speck of dust

Living by the notion of

To err is human, to err is must.

My hot ego brews

Like the coffee on my stove;

To the sense of selfishness

My mind easily drove.

I commit mistakes 

That on and on I repeat;

Then with folded hands, eyes closed

I drop down at your feet.

I am a criminal,

I kill what I eat.

I lie and break promises,

I speak words of deceit.

So shameless,impious me-

I don’t deserve to remember you!

You! Oh love! But your kindness 

Always keeps me along like glue.

Mai moorakh, khal, kaami

That is what I am.

Despite all odds,

You care for me, like the eternal lamp.

A puppet at your mercy,

I no longer trust my own sense.

Take me with you despite

Me being an existing offense.

You know that I don’t want

To do what I generally do-

All deceit, lie, hurt and wrongs;

Embrace me without further ado.

A butterfly that I could be

But my sins chop off my wings.

You are the flower I wanted to touch

But the mud is what my body clings.

I try and try, but I fail,

And you always loved me!

O God! Let me serve

And be with you eternally!


– Suguna Ganguly

Thank you for reading my poem. May God give positivity to you too.😇🙏





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