We are off to a great start with #bebettermewithosdotme. Building a micro habit has never been easier. And getting accountability partners? Never been so much fun either, what with the entire os.me community doing it together one habit a month.

If you are just arriving to the party, check out how to keep up the promise to yourself here. And if you need inspiration, follow posts with #bebettermewithosdotme.

This January, I am focussing on starting my physical fitness journey. I am doing at least 15 minutes of exercise or a swimming session. I aim for 15 minutes, but once I start, I do way more than that. However, a smaller, manageable-looking aim doesn’t overwhelm me and my brain says, ‘Let’s do it.’

In February, I’d be learning Spanish. I’d dedicate 30 minutes to it for at least 21 days (factoring in breaks). I signed up with the brilliant people at The Language Network. You could explore their affordable courses if you wish to learn a foreign language. They have agreed to offer a 10% discount to the os.me community members. Just use the code: MSI10.

I am still deciding on my March promise.

Meanwhile, read these awesome inspiring blogs by os.me bloggers. 

Transformative Ideas

When Krishna Met Hanuman on Ram Navami: Lord Hanuman’s devotion for Lord Ram is unrivalled. It transcends yugs, time and lifecycles. In this blog, journalist Keyur Seta shares a story about Lord Krishna visiting Hanuman on Ram Navami. Hanuman organises a feast to mark the Ram Navami celebration. Narada wonders if Hanuman would recognise Lord Vishnu when he has taken birth as Krishna. Find out in the blog.

How Much Spaghetti is Enough?Some problems can never be solved, says Nandita Basu. For instance, how many tea cups in a day are just right? Or what amount of anger should be displayed to not cross the line between getting them to recognise your boundaries and hurting them? Do you think you can solve the ‘spaghetti equation’?

Spirituality and Sexuality Continuing!Obstetrician Navjot Lidder receives a call from a client who was in active labour. Navjot jumped out of bed at 2:00am and was ready in her scrubs to meet the mom-to-be at the hospital — all in 15 minutes. When the mom-to-be arrives with full make-up on, it makes the Ob think. Navjot discusses spirituality and sexuality in this post. Share your thoughts.  

Led to the Elephant Path: Emily Viggiani, half English and half Italian, has always lived in Canada. When her grandparents passed away, it ignited in her an urge to get the answers to the big questions of life and the afterlife. That’s how her journey of discovering the Buddhist and Vedic scriptures started.

Adamant Drought of Happiness: Nalim Om pours out memories from his childhood that have haunted him. Discovering his father’s extramarital, a struggle with mental health issues, childhood abuse, and more. He has had many challenging and bad experiences, yet he now looks back with a more mature and forgiving gaze. 

Temples & LegendsThe Bhagavati Kumari Amman Temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas. It is believed that the spine of Sati’s corpse fell here, creating the presence of Kundalini Shakti in the region. Divya Pai has the readers hooked with her blog, where she shares the legend of Devi Kanyakumari.

No More Returns: The New Year’s resolutions are taken for self-improvement. They are primarily selfish. But here’s Niraj Chandra with his vow to do his bit for the planet. Make a resolution for the greater good and then stick to it!   

The Old Limp Dog: Prarthi Dholakia took a solo trip to Rishikesh. Despite her hunch, she continued venturing into a quiet garden. She came back wiser. Prarthi says respecting other people’s boundaries and your gut feeling is something that this incident taught her.

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Wisdom from Om Swami

Just Right: The secret to an infinitely more enjoyable life and a savoury delicacy is just the same — just right! The right amount of ingredients in a dish and a balanced life are enjoyable, and an excess of anything would spoil the fun. Spiritual leader Om Swami says, “It’s a skill that can take a lifetime to master: to know when something is just right.” Read the post to get the mix right for a wonderful life.

How to Be Calm: In this insightful post, spiritual leader Om Swami reveals the secret of being at peace and not hurting your relationships. He delivers the wisdom of a lifetime in his signature wit with a simple story.

If one of your 12 promises in 2023 is hitting your writing goal, you are in luck. We will be doing a writing workshop soon. There will be a lot of writing exercises, prompts, literary discussions and meeting fellow osme writers virtually. Stay tuned! If you’d participate, drop a comment below and tell me why?

Don’t forget to share how your #bebettermewithosdotme is tracking.

Better and better.

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