A lot of things/issues perplex me. I like to contemplate on these things but for the past 15 years. Yes, 15 years there is one problem in particular that seems to be as curly as a dog’s tail. I cannot figure it out. 

How much spaghetti is the right quantity? Yeah, you heard me. There is something about cooking spaghetti, either it’s always more or a little less.  I have been cooking for a long time now, ever since I started living alone, and I believe I have a fair amount of expertise in churning up a meal both for myself and others. But when it comes to boiling spaghetti, that dish gets me each and every time.

You see, I cannot figure out what is the right quantity to boil. As a result, I always end up boiling more, or it’s less. And it’s never the right amount. As a result, there is always too much leftover, or just a little less, so someone has to end up eating less.

For fifteen years, I have been trying to figure out the math and it baffles me.  Now I have also started thinking about this spaghetti equation in my life. How much of anything is more or less?

How much of tea in a day is just the right amount?  When I don’t feel I have had too much or when I feel just two sips more might be just perfect.

How much of anger (at least to display) is enough? To get people to respect your space. And how much is too much when you end up hurting yourself and others?

How much of resentment should I carry? How much motivation/ambition is enough where I can get the job done, but too much of it ends up taking a lot away from me?

How many times should I allow myself to indulge in junk food? When is it too little or too less?

When should I stop yelling at my students, just so that it’s perfect for getting them going but not too much where I puncture their confidence?

How much laziness should I allow myself? After all, we all need those laid-back days. But when does it become so much that I can’t budge out of bed?

There are so many how much questions I have.

And I tell you, it all boils down to the spaghetti. 
I will keep trying till  I get to the day when I know exactly the right quantity to cook.