Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. That is a piece of advice freely dispensed. We accept it. In our hearts, we know it to be true. However, I am sure I am not alone in wondering how saying I don’t want a rotten apple will bring a rotten apple to my cart? 

I found the answer this morning. As I was scrolling through Instagram, I watched a small video that brought clarity. And I knew I had to share it with you. The speaker in the video says that we shouldn’t think about ‘what we don’t want’ because the mind can’t perceive the negative! A bit contradictory? Not really. If I tell you not to imagine a tree, what do you start imagining immediately? Yes. The tree! That example flipped a switch.

Ergo, my friends, think of the path and not the tree if you want to get out of the forest. 

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Some good stuff to infuse mindfulness into the rest of your week. Sample this pick of awesome reads for a joyful, spiritual and grateful life. 

Transformative Ideas

If I Ever Grow Up, I’d Like to Have His AttitudeI took a look at the person receiving the abuse. His face was supremely serene. It was unbelievably calm. I did not think anyone who was being abused was capable of exhibiting a composed countenance. I will never forget this face. Prahalad Rajkumar shares this and other three life lessons in this piece. 

The Curse of A Wandering SoulIn the last 16 years (of marriage) — I have changed 13 houses, six cities and travelled to 70+ towns — writes Divya Vanshika in this blog about the ‘curse’ that she shares with Narada Muni. Two tales in one blog. Worth your time. 

Pause to WonderIf we pay more attention to the small things in life, our lives will feel more beautiful. In this blog, Rishi Sridhar makes a strong case for pressing the pause button to admire what we already have.

Stopping Addictions: Yoga and wellness coach and therapist Himusis offers yogic techniques and perspective on dealing with addiction. He suggests fixing the Throat Chakra, besides other things, to treat addictions of any kind.

Press Reset: Elena writes, “I remember checking in with the dark hole in my heart as I was pondering about the fact I had nothing to do and nowhere to be for a whole day and omg, my mind did not like that.” She blogs about why and how she enjoys the art of doing nothing on Sundays. 

Each is Great in His Own Place: A princess falls in love with a sanyasi, a family of birds throw themselves in the fire for their guests, and the king realises that each is great in their place. Ravi om Trivedi shares the story that Swami Vivekanand shared with the world to bring home the point.

Social Media Addiction: Easy Hacks: We all struggle with those notification sounds. Komal shares some tried hacks to develop a healthier relationship with social media apps.

अधूरापन (ममता या करूणा)मोनीष के ऑपरेशन के लिए 21 घंटे लगे ।डॉक्टर मुझे मिलने के लिए आ गए। मैने पूछा, मोनीष कैसा है ?उन्होंने कहा कि ऑपरेशन फेल हो चुका है ।उसका रीट्रांसप्लांट करना पड़ेगा ।मैं सन्न रह गई ।क्यों? In this deeply personal blog, Mrunalini recalls her first steps towards spirituality. 

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Om Swami Wisdom

Freedom: The sky remains independent of the colours and clouds in it. It returns to its natural state — blue. So can you. How? Read this article by spiritual leader Om Swami for the answer.

Fear of the DarkFear is not just a feeling but an emotion. It is tightly linked to our evolution. A sperm joins an egg in the dark. A foetus spends nine months in the dark. It has no control over its own life. It is helpless, almost immobile. Click on the link for the full piece of wisdom by spiritual leader Om Swami. 

That’s all from me, dearest family. Over to you, what is that one example, metaphor, or allegory that flipped a switch for you? Share your stories in the comments below, and inspire my next article.

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