Once drunk, Mulla Naseeruddin’s friend asks him “Mulla, the world was so beautiful when we were in our childhood, isn’t it?” Mulla agrees “Absolutely Javed,” His friend asks him another question “Were you ALIVE in your childhood or dead?” Mulla who was also high and tanked-up, replies “I Don’t remember Javed, “I must be DEAD.”

This is what intoxication does, for a few times it creates a ruckus inside the human system when we become dependent on such substances, drugs, food, and habit, legal or illegal it is called addiction.
Everybody knows how addiction to anything, not just drugs can create imbalances inside the human body as it straight away alters the most important working inside this structure and that is the senses.

When we are suffering from addiction healers and psychologists say we have lost communication with ourselves and others, also we feel the addicted part of our human system is the only way to create pleasure situations in our life, for example – a young 18-year-old boy who is not into any purposeful activities in his life might know the only way to create excitement in his life through masturbation.

The same applies to every genre of addiction.
As a Yoga Teacher, therapist and counsellor I have observed when people indulge in gratifying their senses they undermine psychic abilities, intelligence as well as their conscience.

Margarita Alcantara, one of the renowned healers based in the New York city says these are all traits that involve an out of balance throat chakra.

The throat is one of the 7 important energy centres inside the human body,
1) Out of touch
2) Out of alignment
3) Running from the self
4) Fear
5) do not know how to love self
These are the most common mental reasons for addiction and also some traits of disharmony in Throat Center,
Chances are if you are addicted to something you might find a mental reason from mentioned five points.

Working with some of the addicts, I must tell you that the most difficult part when counselling Addicts and Druggists is creating a behavioural change, shifting their thought patterns is the most powerful thing you can do to them, but simply denying their addictions like drugs, sex, alcohol or cigarette will create conflict, so a strong substitute thought pattern needs to be created.

Now that we know what happens when someone is addicted, let’s see some solutions through yoga, meditation and alternative medicine therapy:

Technique Of Creating Opposite Emotions
Pratipaksha Bhavna (Vipareet Bhavna)

A powerful technique is to shift your thought patterns from negative to positive. For example – when you notice the impulse of any addictive object e.g impulse to smoke or get high, without coming to any conclusion ask yourself – “Do I love myself? Create a situation in your mind “If I am the master of my mind, I am happy on my own,


Breathwork (Pranayama & Mindfulness Practice)

During my case study, these yogic techniques have helped addicts and patients on their road to recovery:
1) Jalandhar Bandha ( A Yogic Technique of throat lock which helps to control impulses from throat chakra Balancing Vishuddha Chakra)

2) Equal Nostril Breathing (1:1 breathing technique which is simple and works wonderfully for Smokers (mostly cigarettes and tobacco)

The point in between the eyebrows also known as the third eye point is a potent stimulator for thyroid, hormone or stress-related problems
Press on this point for 2 minutes and rub for another 2 minutes. At least 5 minutes for serious addicts & patients.

Probably the most important point to follow, if people are not willing to get rid of addiction this whole write-up becomes crap.

I just want to say,

If not you, “then no one else.”



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