What is spirituality? Is it about adopting a meditation technique? Is it about believing in the Lord? Is it oneness in all living beings? Is it about recognizing that a higher power moves the world?

For me, it used to be about the search for meaning in mundane life. However, it has evolved into a discussion of interconnection over time. I think we are all connected by a thread of oneness that runs through every atom in the universe, regardless of who that atom belongs. I have no doubt that a bigger force is keeping an eye on us. At the same time, we have a significant amount of control over our own fates. We are all part of the greater whole, which is divine.

My understanding of spirituality keeps evolving. There is no single agreed-upon definition of the term, and no one’s interpretation is superior to another’s. I often log in on os.me to explore the myriad ways and interpretations of spirituality. os.me is home and companion to spiritual and religious seekers from all walks of life.

I have a few beautiful pieces for today’s Digest that expand the concept of spirituality. You can read more blogs on the platform than those listed here to get the full experience.

Transformative Ideas

It’s a Man’s World! Really: Reciting a spiritual text brings about a lot of changes in a person. But could it help rid one of internalised patriarchy? Perhaps. Suchali Lotlikar grew up in a patriarchal set-up, she writes. Women, she concluded, were no match for men. However, her restricting beliefs dissipated when she began reciting the Lalita Sahasranama. She started to see the women in the family in a new light. Here’s her first-hand account of breaking the bias.

Shad-Darshana: Understanding Indian Philosophy (Part Four)Sage Kanaada, the founder of Vaisheshika, was the first one to propose the theory of atomic structure. While writing about the Vaisesika school of thought, Swati Gunwant offers many such facts. She further adds that Vaisesika is the origin of scientific method applied for investigating both the outward and inward world of the mind.

Spiritual Wisdom From a TV Remote: Niraj Chandra had an epiphany while fiddling with the TV remote. He uses the remote as a metaphor for life, relatives, wife, kids and so on. He draws an analogy between a TV remote and numerous facets of life. He concludes that his remote works fine now, but the problem is with the TV set. Discover spiritual lessons from everyday objects in this blog.

Our Eyes don’t always Show the Truth: The popular epigram goes, eyes speak the truth. However, not always, points out Preetam. He illustrates this with a story. What are your thoughts?

Positive Thinking and Divine Bliss: In the age of #GoodVibesOnly trending on social media ad nauseam, Ashok Rai reminds the readers to keep it real. He adds that positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen all of the time, but instead accepting that whatever happens is the best at this moment. Here’s how to accept and grow in the face of adversity!

Beloved’s Beloved: Jasmine Kaur has been passionately running the Beloved’s Beloved series that features inspirational anecdotes from Guru Nanak’s life. She has gleaned these from Padma Bhushan Vir Singh’s book Guru Nanak Chamatkar. Read these for profound spiritual lessons delivered through simple words.

Inspiration Corner: Divya Pai posts daily inspiration for the seeker of truth and spiritual life. In this blog, she shares a lovely story to illustrate what it is to have faith.

This is for You: Some days are harder than others. There are times when we find ourselves suffocating on edge. On days like those, you might want to come back to this letter written by Riya Om. It’s a reminder that the universe is always by our side. There is a higher power that watches over us!

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Wisdom from Swamiji

A Spiritual Attitude: Patience, selflessness, and determination are the three fundamental attributes that characterise a person’s spiritual attitude. The questions arise: What is a spiritual attitude, and how may it be cultivated? In this article, spiritual master Om Swami offers practical counsel on increasing spiritual energy.

Of What Good is Goodness?‘I always clap for others, but no one claps for me… No one cares. Why should I continue to be nice?’ the young boy asked spiritual master Om Swami. We have all asked somewhat similar questions or its version. Swamiji answers it in his inimitable style. The article will dispel all the doubts and reveal a key to staying strong. 

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