I pay my obeisance in Lotus feet of Revered Swamiji and os.me family . First of all thank you all of you for your support and love that inspired me to share my thoughts with this divine family.

I m fond of reading Punjabi literature and poetry .I haven’t seen my father but met him somewhere while reading these books.I was too small when he comitted suicide due to business loss. I didn’t have any memories with him but every time I read some books brought by him, leaves behind something with me. I wanted to share with you few stories from book GURU NANAK CHAMATKAR written by Bhai Sahib Dr.Vir Singh ji .Padam Bhushan Bhai Sahib Dr.Vir Singh was a saint who had the pearls,gems,rubies and jewels in his mind. When you read his writings with love, these pearls,gems,rubies and jewels come out of his writings and enter your mind through a wavy sensation, which is completely magical. 

In Bhai Sahib Dr. Vir Singh’s writings the essence is the Lord’s name that gives fragrance to his writings.

First story that I am going to share with you is my favourite one. I have read it many times. Even before writing this pos I read it again as it always leaves me with immense peace after reading it .

It’s a long story so it will be in parts so here is its first part …name of the story is

Beloved’s Beloved….

(The narrator in this story is a traveller who sees a happening of the past in a dream and narrates his dream.)

It started raining in torrents.No village or habitation could be seen.My clothes got wet,my handbag got wet,cold breeze started.At the bottom ,the feet sipped,on the head,the rain poured.The cold breeze from all sides was taking away the warmth of the body.O Lord,what will happen? I have waited enough in hope.My eyes gazed far and farther,but there was no sign of any place to rest.It was no use waiting without a place to rest and the walking was adding to the woes in every step.But there was an advantage in walking. The walking was making up for the loss of warmth in the body that was being caused by the cold breeze and there could be some hope of living along.But now,even the bones got tired and numb and walking became difficult.

In this distress,I sighted a minaret.The heart wished that it should not be a solid structure,but might be a temple, so that one could rest there.

My eyes got fixed on it,the mind prayed,the feet made an effort and the minaret came.Luck favoured,there was an open doorway but no door. There was place to sit or even lie down with bended knees.Initially ,it occurred to me that I should be thoughtful, it might be a sacred place of a pious person for meditation,but then I thought,those who were giving comfort to others while living, will also like to give comfort to others after their death.So,I stood under the extended roof,took off my shoes, and opened my bag.It was wet from outside but inside I could find one set of clothes that were dry. I took off my wet clothes,wiped my body,put on dry clothes,and went inside and occupied it.It was warm inside,and I felt relaxed. Earlier,I was thinking of the cold and the rain,but now I felt relaxed.

Now I started thinking,see…how I have got this place to rest. If I had not got this place,then what would have happened to me,only the lord would know. Some pious person must have got it made.May be,some pious person got it made to save my life only.It is not a gurdwara,nor a temple,nor a burial place.Then ,what could it be?

The mind said:Why count the mangoes?Eat and enjoy.In that thinking,I decided to lie down with knees bent,as the place allowed only that much.I felt relaxed and soon went to sleep.

While sleeping ,there was a flash ,and in that flash I saw a very fair lady. There was a shine and splendor on her face.Her eyes were full of love .

To be continued in the next part…