If there is a word for my present state of mind, it is fernweh. It’s a German word that roughly translates to aching to explore, or, as I’d like to put it, dying to travel. Sometimes I feel there is no better time than now to start a journey, for the offices are remote, classes are online and there is no rush. But who am I kidding! It’s the perfect ride to Covid doomsday. 

So, I make do with obsessive scrolling fancy places (better than doomscrolling is my excuse to myself for spending all that time on the internet). When I Netflix, I watch movies with picturesque settings. Then I ache some more. Sigh! Now that explains the theme for this editorial. Each pick is a journey towards a better you. Find joy in the journey.

So, enough about my fernweh, on to the weekly reads: 

Wisdom from Swamiji

The Journey of Life: We go about yearning for contentment and get distracted by comparison. And social media doesn’t really help. But don’t worry, our Swamiji shows the way. Rise above the self-imposed prison of competition and let contentment fill your heart. 

Happiness is a Journey: Happiness is a journey and not always the outcome. So, enjoy it as you tread along the path of life. If you wait for your life to be free of obstacles, you are doing it all wrong. The obstacles are your life.  Mount them to reach a place of bliss, read what the best spiritual leader has to say.

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Inspiring Experiences

W/L Passenger: Board Niveta Tiwari’s thought express to understand the momentary nature of the world and our possessions. You don’t want to be the aunty who once boarded the train and wanted to settle down there for good. You have to leave everything behind, this personal train of thoughts makes that universal truth amply clear.

DTC Bus: This jolly ride is about a boy who would often board the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus without a ticket. Mayur Sharma was caught without a ticket by the ticket checker. He made an excuse. The next day, the same guy found him without a ticket. This time, things heat up. On the third consecutive day, Mayur is caught riding without a ticket once again, by the same person! This time around, he is taken down from the bus. The officers take him along. And then…

Riding a Bareback Horse: Speaking of various means of transportation, Rajesh Kumar Ragothaman makes a point with horse riding. This is a powerful story. There is no fun in letting the horse drag you. Living is truly worthwhile when you live with awareness. Hop on, to enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

A Trustworthy Parent: Meera’s seven-year-old came back from school with nail marks on her lovely cheeks. Her heart sank. The daughter wanted her mother to scold the teacher for inflicting such pain. But her husband felt it could undermine the teacher’s authority in her daughter’s eyes. Torn between offering her daughter support and ensuring the teacher is respected, Meera completes this journey to school with a plan.

How I Have Changed Over the Last Few Years: From the I-know-it-all corporate being to being humbled by depression, Akshay Iyer writes down the interludes of personal development through the years. “I always thought I was a good listener” until “I visited the psychiatrist with my wife”, he writes about becoming a better listener. There is a lot to learn from this journey and the challenges. 

Nature’s Play: We all struggle with boundary setting, especially Indians, even more — Indian women. Divya Manoharan has been tasked to head the housekeeping at the ashram. Now, before she gets her team of young men to get the house in order, she wants to develop some solid leadership skills. This is one fun ride, at least for the readers.

Obesity of the mind: It’s a pandemic induced by the modern lifestyle. Nope, not the obesity of the mind but of the body. However, Samarth Khanna brings to our attention that it has travelled to the mind owing to the same habits — overconsumption. Treat the obesity of the mind before it’s too late, read the article to know how.

Almost Evolved: Can you imagine how difficult life is for those who are evolved, almost, but have to live with the unenlightened? Let Manas Misra share this journey replete with trials and tribulations with you. It’ll crack you up or at least crack your lips into a smile.

Hope you enjoyed this travelogue to a transformational you. Remember, life is a journey, not a race. Enjoy the ride. Meanwhile, I am reading each of the wonderful testimonials that you have recorded. This exercise has brought me to an interesting place. It dawned upon me that we have all had quite a journey and quite a ride. osdotme has changed us in osme ways. You can still submit your testimonials here. Please keep it under 80 words. 

Keep going, keep growing. Stay osme. 
Until next…

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I am going to mail a paid writing opportunity in my next editorial, right to your inbox. Subscribe to the newsletter now. tell a friend