After having read a lot of self-help, transformative, how-to-become-a-better-version books in these years, I am now convinced that I am closer to being an evolved person than ever before. However, every almost-evolved person is surrounded by naysayers who take a lot of convincing that this special individual in their midst is someone unique and they better treat him (or her) with extra respect, care and indulgence.

Just yesterday I was reading “Five Signs That You Are Awakened” and matching those against my progress. Trust me, I checked every single box.

1.       You see feathers everywhere – Check. I see feather everywhere, especially near the pond where I take my walks and many migratory birds build nest.

2.       You hear sounds in your ears – Check. In fact I hear entire songs in my head after using my earphones. With remote working for the past 18 months, I hear my boss in my dreams.

3.       Animals are attracted towards you – Check. I was stung by a bee last week after I tried to clear it from my flower bed. Rabbits habitually eat my kitchen garden during spring and summer.

4.       You see shapes in clouds: Check. Yesterday I saw clouds in the shape of two upside down dogs and a man with a deer’s body. I have yet to interpret these but I am sure they mean something intense.

5.       You see shiny lights and orbs – Check. I see these more frequently after having stared at my computer screen for 12 hours in a day. I also see these during night driving when halogen headlights go straight into my eyes.

I looked at Neerja, my wife, with my big compassionate eyes after reading these lines that so well defined me. I kept looking since she was typing away on her phone and wasn’t looking at me.

Finally she looked up and said:

“Are you doing grocery shopping today?”

I kept looking at her with my heart full of compassion and love. It was my job to bring her over to my side and make her realize the depth and intensity of my journey.

“Are you or are you not? I thought you were planning to go out and do grocery today”

I said “of course I will go”

“Ok. I have just sent you the shopping list on Whattsapp. Please get everything and do not forget anything”

“I will not”

“And are you feeling ok? Why are you staring at everyone? Should I put some eye-drops in your eyes?

“No no, I am ok. My eyes too”

As I pulled myself off the couch, she said “And remember coriander is not the same as dill. Buy coriander – read the labels carefully”

It is clear to me that like many other misunderstood but almost-evolved people, I will have to slog hard to earn my place in the sunshine.

Tomorrow I plan to read “Five Ways To Convince Others That You Are Almost-Evolved”