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The Value of Gift

What is a best gift? Is there such a thing? Read on. You have a lot to offer. Some of you have money to give, some, knowledge, many, love, and compassion. Charity is a divine gesture, however, not all giving … Read more →

Purity: Physical, Mental and Moral

What does spiritual purity mean? On the spiritual path especially, learning how to attain purity of mind is paramount to also attaining bliss. The post below provides a video discourse on the different types of purity — physical, mental, moral … Read more →

Understanding Relationships

While our lives revolve around our relationships, few of us actually devote time to understanding relationships. What is the nature of a relationship? Why is it formed? What brings two people together? The video following the summation discusses these aspects … Read more →

The Four Pillars of Sadhana

What is sadhana? Sadhana is about adhering to the specified discipline; in a strict and careful manner until you attain your goal. To attain extraordinary rewards, understand the fundamentals first. Goswami Tulsidasa writes in a certain legend in the Ramayana, … Read more →

The Successful and Successfool

Everybody likes to succeed. For eons, the tradition has been that the passing generation conditions the upcoming one with their definition of success. Very often, I find that people are trying to succeed based on someone else’s criteria and benchmark. … Read more →

Life is Like the Sky

Life is like the sky, sometimes cloudy, at other times, very clouded. The same sky offers a completely different view depending on the time of the day. At night it is full of stars and the waxing or waning moon. … Read more →

Living with Love

To experience the state of love is to experience divinity. Pure love can help one transition from a human being to a godly being. Every action, every word and every thought eventually has, at its core, the search for love. … Read more →

The Ultimate Form

A regular reader posted the following question a few days back. It is a long comment with a decent question: “If the belief that God in the form of Rama or Krishna or Christ or any other form graced this … Read more →

Living in Pajamas

You come home tired; knackered and knocked out. You had the usual day. You probably dozed off that five minutes extra in the morning that triggered the start of a frenzied day. Everything had to be done in a hurry; … Read more →

The Esoteric Meaning of Scriptures

I received an interesting comment yesterday on scriptures: Can you please put your thoughts on all the epics and stories we read? They give different answers and also raise different questions every time we read them. I have a feeling … Read more →

The Esoteric Meaning of Diwali

I wish you all a Happy Diwali (Oct 26), one day in advance so you can enjoy two days of peace, light, and celebrations! Among other legends, across various religions, Diwali stands for celebrating Lord Rama’s return, along with Mā … Read more →

The First Step in Meditation

In my conversations with scores of people, many have asked about the starting point and feasibility of self-realization for householders. A reader posted the following questions. It has also given me the opportunity to document my response for the benefit … Read more →

Bhakti – Devotional Service

Last week was packed with action. I met a lot of people, gave discourses, and enjoyed Kirtan. People poured in every day and sang bhajans for hours while I sat and enjoyed in ecstasy. I was deeply moved to see … Read more →

Himalayan Expectations

You know, everyone is carrying an invisible load. Since it is invisible, you remain unaware of such weight as well as oblivious to its continuous piling up. From the moment you can recall to the present one, it has been … Read more →