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What’s in Your Wallet?

In a bus packed with commuters, the conductor found an old and worn wallet on the floor. He picked it up to examine its contents. It had five hundred rupees and a picture of Krishna. There were no other cards … Read more →

Afraid of Getting Old?

Are you afraid of getting old? All those who see death at a ripe age have to go through old age. There are some who keep defying it till their last breath and there are many who start feeling old … Read more →

The Value of Love

Love seems to be elusive. Little do we know it stands right beside us, waiting for us to give it space in our heart’s boat. If you struggle to understand the value of love, read this post to recognise the … Read more →

Toxic Anger

Recently, I talked about the benefits of being non-spontaneous with your anger. When you do not express anger as a visceral reaction, as a spontaneous emotion, you give yourself a choice and ample room to recompose yourself. You can then … Read more →

Do You Compare Yourself?

If you reflect on the matter patiently, you will discover that most people lead most of their lives in a comparative fashion. They compare themselves to others, sometimes without even realizing it. It seems there is always something to compare … Read more →

The Cracked Pot

Someone wrote to me asking if self-improvement is an endless pursuit to become perfect?  He wrote, “Are we to keep trying forever?” He was alluding to the fact that if we keep working on ourselves forever, finding faults in us, … Read more →

Do you Ignore Yourself?

From the outset, we are taught to be good, to be compassionate, to be giving, forgiving and so forth. Good teachings. No doubt. A virtuous living — religions preach it, teachers teach it, parents instill it, society expects it, your … Read more →

Why do People Love or Hate You

Most relationships are based on fulfillment of needs – physical, emotional, or even financial. People are most likely to love or hate what we have rather than who we are. Is receiving or giving unconditional love possible in such a … Read more →

Gods and Demons

Puranas — ancient books of Sanatana Dharma, Hindu religion — are replete with legends of devasur sangrama, battles between the gods and demons. In unmistakable terms, they also shed light on the secrets of the inner world- body, mind, soul, … Read more →

Pretending to be Someone Else

As we navigate through life, we assume various roles — social or professional. Often we get carried away and let those overpower us. We end up pretending to be someone we aren’t. Then we wonder why we are stressed or … Read more →

It Hurts More When Cold

There was a seeker once; he lived in a monastery and had a wealth of bookish knowledge. No one ever won against him in a colloquy, in any debate on scriptural and religious matters. He was obsessed with God, with self … Read more →

Two Types of Anger

Continuing from my previous post, I will elaborate on the two types of anger today. Anger is a natural human emotion, anyone who has the emotion of love, compassion, kindness, can be surrounded by emotions of anger, hatred, and their … Read more →

Forgive Yourself

Why forgiving yourself is important? Much has been written about forgiveness, it is considered to be a divine virtue, as far as I know, all religions of the world encourage it. Forgiving is often the most noble gesture if you … Read more →

Are you Important?

It’s no secret that the most successful people have one unerring trait – a sense of self-importance. They are proud of the work they do and hold it and themselves in great esteem. And why is self-esteem important? The post … Read more →

Does Prayer Work?

I have already written a fair bit on karma, on the law of attraction, on meditation, self-transformation and so forth, as indicated in the last post, I am writing on grace and prayer today. If there is God, and if … Read more →