Here is another video discourse for you.  Below is a transcript of the first few lines.

What is Happiness?

Everybody is busy. Almost everybody. Some are busy at home, some are busy at work, some are busy doing nothing. Some are busy because they are doing everything. But why are people busy? Generally, because they want to attain something. The majority don’t know that though. They are simply running.

What is happiness to you – Food for thought.

People feel that their basic necessities in life prompt them to work the way they do. But is it really the reason? They have not sat down and done any thinking – could that be the reason?

Or, they have sat down and done too much thinking? If you really read between the lines, you will find that most people are working because they want to be happy. Happiness. That is going to be my topic today. What is Happiness? Is it a goal? An achievement? A journey? Or is happiness a feeling?  Is there a shortcut to happiness?

What is happiness in simple words? Watch this discourse of thirty-four minutes to know more. The language of the discourse is English.