-I dream that me and my two friends are taking part in a competition. In the competition, there comes a stage when the opponents trapped us at a place.

That place is having a iron ladder and sliding door and the opponents trap us so quickly that my fellow friends eyes were affected by fumes , due to which they were not able to see clearly.

Now the dangerous part start from here,  each and every difficulty in the way are solved by my friends and not a single puzzle or difficulty or obstacle is solved by me. You can say that I am fully dependent on them.

When the eyes of both friends are harmed by dust and fumes there, they were not able to see anything clearly. In a clear meaning the Puzzle for opening the door and also the coming difficulties are to be solved by me only now.

I was so scared that I am not touching the puzzle. My friend said “, Hey Buddy ! you can do it.” After a long interval, I solve the puzzle and open the gate by the directions showing in the puzzle and also after that each difficulty is solved by me.

From this I came to the conclusion that each and every person has the ability to solve the Life Puzzle and no one is small. God as bestowed equal Grace on each of the human being.

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P.S. :- बिस्वास करि सब आस परिहरि दास तव जे होइ रहे।
          जपि नाम तव बिनु श्रम तरहिं भव नाथ सो समरामहे

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