“You are not your Mind !”

It is essential to disidentify from our minds. In the present world of social media and numerous distractions, we have become slaves of our minds. In fact, an addiction to distractions is said to be the death of our creative production. 

The main thing to ponder over is that life is one big mind game and the only person you are playing against is yourself.  Thus, it is essential to watch our thoughts and listen to our inner voice or the mental dialogue that never stops. Over a period of time, if we observe carefully,  we shall realize that we are the ones who are the listeners or recipients of this voice. Sometimes, this voice can be our worst enemy.  We verbalize our thoughts and thus we need to objectively observe or watch these. 

It is rightly said, ” Do not always trust your inner voice.”.Identification with the mind and inner chatter creates a false ego which makes us go far away from our true inner self.  One also needs to end the illusion of the mind and time as being entangled all the time. The problem that we as humans face is that the mind is chained to time, thus leading to our unwillingness to accept the present moment. 

So, the question arises is how to do it?

For this, we need a meditative practice on daily basis. As meditation is a journey from the complexity of the mind to the simplicity of the heart.  

Let us all join this journey. 



Peace and Love

Dr. Chitvan 



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