I remember this incident as if it happened yesterday. But it occurred a good 35 years ago. The clash between English prayers in the convent and Punjabi prayers at home was always on going. Though I knew I was praying to Christ in school and the Siri Guru Granth Saheb at home or the 10 Gurus. My mom had the utmost patience in handling all my questions however silly they were. Well at time they were of utmost importance to me – in my defense. She would tell me -“you are praying to the same God – don’t worry”, everytime I expressed my worries about my prayers not being heard. The reason behind all this tension was that I hated physics and could never pass in this subject. We never had multiple choice questions and whichever questions I had learnt well would never be in the question paper. My friend on the other hand always aced the paper. On being asked , she said she was sharing a great secret not to be told further. She would pray to God – she was a catholic- and chose 10 questions. Learn them well and she always got the same questions that God had helped her choose. Well most of them. 
Very eagerly I too tried the same technique but praying to our gurus. The result – zilch – didn’t get a single question which I had chosen after the prayers. After failing 3 times I sat and pondered about every possible reason why God was not helping me- had I been a naughty child – disobedient….when suddenly I realized that I had praying to Guruji but in English!!! Obviously He wouldn’t understand  because English hadn’t even existed when He was alive, and so no help was forthcoming🤔🤔. So I went to my mom and told her to translate my prayers in Punjabi so that God would understand. She had a good laugh and told me -“don’t worry He understands every language. Just pray from your heart. And put in more effort in studying physics.” I finally did pass but till date don’t understand the logic of why you have to run along the bus if you jump off a moving bus. Some thing about your body in motion. But I was not in motion – the bus was ……

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