Prahalad's writings

Parkinson’s Law and The Write Challenge

The Power of a Deadline #TheWriteChoice

Psyc 101

My Proudest 'A'

Pronunciation Blues

Words and Names that I mispronounced #TheWriteChoice

Never Attribute to Malice

When Communicating Through Technology #TheWriteChoice

Seven Against Thebes

A Gita-esque Bridge Article #TheWriteChoice

Returns Accepted

What Not To Do Diaries - Part 1 #TheWriteChoice

The Placebo Jacket

The absence of anchoring #TheWriteChoice


In Various Flavors #TheWriteChoice

One Out of Three

A Tale of Three Autographs #TheWriteChoice

The Big-Serving Scud

My Childhood Sports Hero #TheWriteChoice

OS.ME — Creating New Writers

The power of encouragement and reassurance

Lesson from Ezra Turner

Slow to Anger Even Under Extreme Provocation

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