Prahalad's writings

Declutter Diaries

Implementing advice from Swamiji and members #TheWriteChoice

The Slughorn Principle – Part 2

Exam or Concert? #TheWriteChoice


An Experience of Samsara #TheWriteChoice

Laughter Yoga

Very Good - Very Good - Yay! #TheWriteChoice

The 80% Alternative

A Solution to the Struggle for Perfection

How I Started Driving in India –...

Never Say Never #TheWriteChoice

Best of Write Challenge (First Edition)

Some Posts Which Caught My Eye #TheWriteChoice

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – 2

An Initiative That Positively Impacted Many #TheWriteChoice

Para Dukha Dukhi

An Opportunity to Practice Empathy #TheWriteChoice

The Journey Home

Several Chance Occurrences #TheWriteChoice

Why This Kolavari Di (Not)

A Strange Challenge #TheWriteChoice

Cause Snobbery

My Cause is Better Than Yours #TheWriteChoice

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