Book recommendations are commonplace. Books verily are storehouses of information, and are potentially life changing. If a book is your best friend, you’re rather fortunate. This article is not a book recommendation, but a website recommendation. The website of Derek Sivers. I have written two articles reviewing and recommending two books authored by Sivers – Anything You Want and How to Live.

Here are five reasons I think Sivers’ website is excellent

  1. Excellent articles
    Sivers is one of my favorite new age thinkers. His thinking is likely contrarian from the popular point of view, but is odds on to resonate with you. For example, in this article, he outlines how he became rich. By saving money over long periods of time by spending less than what he made. Swamiji drove home the same idea in this post about money.
  2. Book Notes Page
    This is the most likely reason you might have visited Sivers’ website. He has an excellent book notes page where he jots down notes from books that he has read, and also gives the book a rating based on how likely an average reader will enjoy the book. 
  3. No Advertisements
    Sivers cares about the experience of the people who visit his website and there are no advertisements on the website. 
  4. Sivers responds to each email
    This is really not a reason to visit his website – there are several excellent websites where the authors do not respond to each email – but Sivers has stated that this is kind of his part time job, and he treats this as community service. I cannot imagine doing this, and I salute Sivers for this next-to-impossible feat of responding to every email.
  5. Each word counts
    Sivers pays particular attention to each word and edits meticulously. Therefore, his articles are short, but they are concentrated with high doses of wisdom.

You might wonder if I have any benefit in promoting Sivers’ website. I don’t – I am just a huge fan! Don’t take my word for it – check out yourself!

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