Here are 20 more of the teachings that I jotted down from Day 1:

  1. There are six needs that are common to everyone:
  2. Any time your mind thinks if you act in ways that it will meet at least 3 needs, it will get addicted
  3. There is always a way to fulfill a need. The skill lies in finding a sustainable way to fulfill it, and in a way that gives you more pleasure than pain.
  4. What gets measured gets improved.
  5. State -> Action/Behavior -> Results. Therefore, we must take efforts to get into peak state.
  6. I should not make it all about me. I can reach others if I don’t make it all about me.
  7. Beliefs control our lives. We did not come up with most beliefs. A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means. 
  8. 3 beliefs for lasting success:
    It must change now
    I must change it now
    I can change it now
  9. The Ultimate Success Formula
    1. Know your outcome. (Go after what you want)
    2. Know your reasons why. (The “how” comes second. The “why” comes first)
    3. Take massive massive action.
    4. Notice what results you are getting.
    5. Whenever the results are not as expected, change your approach.
  10. Family is often times like media. Not helpful ūüôā
  11. Most people have failed in the past. Past does not equal future unless you live in the past.
  12. 3 steps to lasting change:
    1. Get leverage
    2. Interrupt or annihilate the limiting pattern
    3. Create a new empowering pattern until it becomes a habit.
  13. “I forgive you” is ego based.
  14. 2 skills to master:
    The science of achievement. (Wealth is a science.)
    The art of fulfillment
  15. Everything in life is a gift. Everything! Not just the good! I have to find meaning as to how this is a gift.
  16. The key, again is state. Need to maintain your peak, beautiful state no matter what.
  17. When you’re in peak state:
    – you can objectively see what’s going on.
    – you can decide what to do with it.
    – you can find solutions, not problems.
    – you can contribute so much more
  18. Practical psychology. What stops us from getting what we want? Fear. There are two universal fears:
    1) I’m not enough
    2) I won’t be loved
  19. Money magnifies who you are. If you are a happy person, it magnifies it. If you are a sad person, it magnifies it. What you are inside is not going to change because of money.
  20. Trade expectations for appreciation. Our whole life will change that moment.
    Suppose God comes down to earth, and asks person A and person B the same question:
    “Earthling, how do you like the world I created?”
    Person A complains to his hearts content about all things that are wrong. 
    Person B expresses his appreciation for all that is good.

    Who is God going to be pleased with?

Image Credit: By Randy Stewart –, CC BY-SA 2.0,