I usually find that WhatsApp forwards are more likely to be noise than wisdom. And this is being a person who is not active at all on WhatsApp. One forward I received was titled “16 Things They Don’t Teach You In School”, and I found the list pretty insightful. I googled this to find out the source, 

(Image Source: https://cardonesolutions.com/things-they-dont-teach-you-in-school/ originally attributed to Daymond John in Facebook). 

I wrote down 16 more things that they don’t teach you in school, which I believe are useful life skills

  1. You are responsible for your life. Not your parents. Not your teachers
  2. Kindness pays
  3. Exercise is crucial for well-being
  4. Don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself only with yesterday’s version of you
  5. Develop a thirst for learning
  6. Your smartphone should not be your constant companion
  7. Never let your peers pressure you into something that you don’t want to do
  8. Experiment and explore 
  9. Learn meditation
  10. Learn yoga
  11. Embrace discomfort
  12. Make planning a habit, but be prepared for plans to go wrong
  13. Build flexibility
  14. Eat healthy food
  15. Don’t take “it” for granted
  16. Keep asking yourself “How can I make the world a better place”

Image Credit: Ivan Aleksic from Unsplash