This post was inspired by a comment left by Anu Deshpande to one of my posts a while ago. “Good Ol’ Virginia”, she said. Good Ol’ Virginia indeed. The first place I stayed when I visited the US was Arlington, VA. This was the city where I lived the maximum time during my stay in the US. To me, this place has its special charm like no other. 

I lived in a street called Columbia Pike, in two different apartments (one apartment in 2002 through 2003, and another apartment in 2005 through 2006). There were several buses that frequented this street that would take you to the Pentagon Metro station. Before I got my first car, I’ve taken these buses on a countless occasions. There is nothing special about a bus ride – but these bus rides will stay etched in my memory forever. 

Right next to my apartment was a gorgeous bike trail – taking walks in this trail has been an indescribable experience. To call this trail beautiful would be a massive understatement. Again, this is really not the most scenic or picturesque place you will come across; but this trail had special charm to my eyes. 

One of my most favorite establishments in Arlington is the public library. The Central Library is my favorite, though I’ve frequently visited the Columbia Pike Library and find it excellent as well. The central library really feels like home. Even after I moved to College Park to live closer to the University of Maryland, and Germantown to live closer to my job, I would be dragged to Arlington on some pretext or the other – either to come to the library, or to take a walk in the trail, or just for the heck of it. The Germantown library was excellent, and equal to the Arlington library in every way – but my feet dragged me to the Central Library at the slightest excuse. 

I’ve visited several picturesque place in the US – the scenic college city of Ithaca – the exquisite Niagara Falls – and several other amazing cities. The city I lived in between 2009-2011, Germantown, MD, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve lived in. None of them could match the charm that I find in Arlington. Do I believe that Arlington has charm because this is the city I first lived in, or did Nature conspire to bring me to a place She knew that I’d find charming? I don’t know. 

Arlington, VA is home away from home, and I thank you, O wonderful city, for providing me with rich experiences and glorious memories that I will cherish. 

Which city has special charm for you? Do mention it in the comments!

Image Credit: By Wasted Time R – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 

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