Samarth's writings

I Messed Up!

Five mistakes I made as a teenager.

  Featured 1 year ago

Obesity of the Mind

It is time to go on a diet.

  Posted 1 year ago

Vulnerability in Relationships

Vulnerability: The first pillar of relationships.

  Posted 2y ago

My Muse

Who am I as a writer?

  Posted 2y ago

Hedonic Treadmill

It is time to make a choice.

  Posted 2y ago

The Beam Balance

The crutches I am trying to get rid of.

  Posted 2y ago

A Sense of Urgency

Tick Tick Tick...

  Posted 2y ago

The Slide of Life

Open your eyes.

  Featured 2y ago

Tu Ki Ye?

Am I the only one struggling to get an answer?

  Posted 2y ago

His Grace

My experience of Swami ji's grace.

  Featured 2y ago

Let’s Arrange Our Cupboards

It is time to make an appointment

  Featured 2y ago

Learning Something New

A thirty-day challenge every month

  Featured 2y ago

Right or Wrong?

What you think is right isn't the same as knowing what is right

  Posted 2y ago

The Choice We Make Everyday

Money for life or chocolate for the soul.