1 year ago

A ‘Love’ Story

Your little crush (someone unexpected)

2y ago

The Dance of Life

It is time to pause.

2y ago

Somewhere Distant

Strength is not in not needing anybody, it is in accepting that you need...

2y ago

Ready or Not Here I Come

Every man has two lives, and the second starts when he realizes he just...

3y ago

Chasing Misery

It is time to pop in some pills.

3y ago

The Magic Touch

Its time to load up on jam and butter.

3y ago

Physics of the Mind

Are you trying to work with cold limbs?

3y ago

Putting a Thread Through the Hole of...

My struggle with time management in the past two weeks

3y ago

Who is the Boss?

Warning: This post might hurt your cheeks

3y ago

We Want To Be Different

But, chocolates are more important.