I always wondered what was the reason or the source of the drive that people have. Why is it that I was ready to put a ton of effort into certain things and resisted moving even a finger for others. Until recently, I thought money, fame and, appreciation was the source of the drive. I used to give a sarcastic smile, mentally, when someone used to say that it’s not about the money or fame. But my opinion on this has changed. Before I tell you what I believe is the source of that drive now, let me tell you what went through my mind when I first uploaded on os.me, and how that has changed over the course of around thirty posts.

I had been wanting to write blog posts for a long time, but never did, until an audience was offered on a silver platter on os.me, “What better opportunity are you going to get?” I thought to myself and there was also was the incentive of a bit of extra pocket money. I was still hesitant, but I wrote my first post and I think it got around fifty views over the next few weeks. Though fifty was not a big number, but every new view and comment excited me. The views increased with every post I uploaded and there were familiar names in the comment section, which excited me even more. I felt that “Whoo! People are coming back to read more posts written by me,”and slowly I began to also feel a sense of connection with the people whose name I remembered from the comment section of my last post. This increase in the number of views and seeing familiar names on my posts was what encouraged me to write.

This is how I realized that growth and relationships are the source of the drive that we experience. There can be many aspects to these two factors. After that it seemed so obvious, every example I picked from my or someone else’s life had something to do with either growth or a relationship. I think I started doing sports when I changed schools because I saw that people bonded on the field. Relationships are why people work harder to support their families and kids than they would if it was just about them. Growth seems like a pat on the back we receive for our hard work, and this pat on the back is extremely addictive. Growth is also the reason why many people give up when their progress stagnates. Even though to other people it may seem that they are doing great and may even aspire to reach where they are, but in their minds, they have started to fail or are doing bad. 

I also came up with a hack to never run out of drive and motivation. Do something that benefits someone else alongside; for example if you are a teacher don’t teach because it’s your job, teach so that your students can have a better future and present, feel as if it is your personal responsibility not just professional to guide them towards the right path. Immediately there will be a lot more effort and compassion involved in the way you teach. Secondly, track your progress, this way you will also know if your efforts are bearing fruit and with every milestone you will know that things are being done right.

Come on, it’s time to get to your feet!