Allow me to take you back in time. I was around one-and-half months away from my class ten board exams. Oddly enough I was confident the whole year and was sure that I would do well, but now my stress levels were through the roof. My mind resembled a fish who was taken out of the water (now you get the imagery), it jumped from one probable solution to another and one concern to another in desperation for water (peace of mind). My YouTube and Google searches were; how to revise the full syllabus in a month?, how to calm yourself before an exam?, magic foods to eat before an exam?, these ‘how tos…’ were endless. These internet searches filled even the breaks with stress, so obviously I was doing more harm than good, but God always has a plan.

One of my YouTube marathons led me to one of Swami ji’s video. I don’t remember which one was it. What I do remember is watching it filled me with peace. It was like the burden of the exams and my insecurities were banished temporarily, in fact I felt better than what I did on normal days. Prior to this I did not believe much in auras and that people radiate energies. Sure, I had felt at peace in the presence of a couple of people and uneasy with some, but I thought that it was because I liked some people and disliked others. Those visits to temples when my parents told me that the place was radiating a lot of energy. The thought in my head was ‘maybe I am spiritually doomed, or something is wrong with me, or hope and faith is making my parents hallucinate. Also, I am very skeptical of people on the internet. Despite my previous beliefs and my skepticism, I could not deny what I felt. My words are not doing justice to my experience and they never will.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you Swami Ji (I hope you read this). You have changed a lot in my life, numerous blogs and videos seem to be out on the exact time I need them, often it seems you are talking directly to me. Listening to you and reading your work fills me with so much peace and joy, I can only imagine the impact of your presence. I hope to meet you in person someday.

Thank You.