All the New Year’s resolutions we make are a hope that we will become a better version of ourselves. It’s the third week of a brand new year, which means many of us have already faltered on our promises. I am here to remind you that there are still days left before January ends. Enough time for you to improve.

I offer you 10 ways to become better. One for every day for the rest of the month + a bonus (Seven true experiences from writers + Two articles from Om Swamiji+ One best-selling Spanish author to help find your Ikigai during Covid):

I offer you 10 ways to become a better version of yourself. One for every day for the rest of the month + a bonus tell a friend

True Experiences

Foiling the Perfect Suicide Plan: Divya Vanshika makes the bold choice of sharing her story of coming back from the brink of suicide. A top achiever in every sense of the word, she slipped into acute depression and decided to kill herself. But she survived the thought and has come back stronger. She shares her truth and tools that helped her sail, hoping it might save those grappling with depression. Or for just anyone who needs some inspo.

Letters to the Future Self: We have all heard of people writing to their younger self. Letters to the future self could be very insightful, could help manifest a better life, and guide goal setting. These also tell us how we get busy with insignificant things, in retrospect we understand things better. Veer Kohli tells us why he started writing these when he turned 18. And also shares a wonderful resource to help start your letter-writing ritual. Imagine receiving a letter 5 years from now, from yourself!  

The Right Opportunity, at the Right Time: As if getting hit by a truck wasn’t enough, she developed more complications due to medical negligence. Bed-ridden (only for now, we are sure) Harshita Goyal talks about her ordeal in the most positive way ever! She is regaining movement in some body parts, and despite not being able to move hands properly, she has decided to do her internship at DRDO, from her bed at the Spine Centre. Inspirational much?

Explosive Garlic Cloves: This mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo exploded over a few cloves of garlic. Only to come out stronger, kinder and loving. Meena Arora writes about this endearing personal incident with a streak of mindfulness. Many lessons for all.

The Queen’s Obsession: There is a reason why everyone is swooning over the popular web series, The Queen’s Gambit. Hetal Sonpal sums up key lessons for all of us, solidifying the learnings to help us achieve the impossible in any sphere of life.

Ways to Offer Pranams to the Guru: Swati Gunwant lays down a few ways to help one offer gratitude at the feet of one’s guru.

Fragility of Life: Lina World writes about the most eventful nine months. She lost her uncle. Her mother was “removed from the City Hall by corrupt officials for her honesty”. She questioned the fairness of it all. Only three months later, Lina’s mother got elected as a member of parliament! This is like those films, only better.

Wisdom from Om Swamiji

How to Build New Habits: We have all struggled with that one. Not anymore though. Om Swamiji offers ways and steps to build new habits in his signature wit. Oh! There is a whole QnA at the end of this article, you are sure to find the answers to your questions there.

The higher you want to rise, the deeper your roots need to be. It’s the depth that takes time. If you are not afraid of going deep, you will have no fear of heights either. tell a friend

Four Traits of Successful People: Swamiji offers the key traits the winners have. Read it “if you want to wake up to the glory of a beautiful dawn”. It tells you how to be insanely successful.

If you want to wake up to the glory of a beautiful dawn, you have to live through the darkness of night. tell a friend

Spanish Author on Japanese Wisdom

How to Find Your Ikigai: The Japanese word roughly translates to “the reason you wake up every morning”. We got you Spanish author Francesc Miralles, who spent time in Japanese island, to bring back the secret to happiness and a long life. The guy who co-wrote Ikigai and Ichigo Ichie offers tips to help you find your purpose of life during Covid. 

YouTube video

What are you waiting for? Write your experiences, share some tips, discuss life tools. Make life better. Write, share, learn and earn. And don’t forget to tell me which article made an impact on your life, in the comments below.