With the grace of god and best wishes from everyone, I got admission in the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre. I know, the way I said it in the opening para sounds like an achievement, believe you me it does feel like I have cracked IIT. Especially when doctors rejected me the first time around, citing issues such as blood clotting in my left leg.

The second time when I was leaving home, my family was like, “We thought you were capable enough of taking admission in this Spinal Injury Centre at least. But see, you got rejected over there too!” And I was like how could they joke in such a situation? But you know what, it’s a talent to laugh even in serious situations. It just lightens up the atmosphere. And I have subscribed to this ideology, to just laugh it out, take it lightly because anyway, there is nothing I can do.

If it were in my hands, I wouldn’t be sleeping during the accident and the injury could’ve been less serious. Anyway, now it has happened, I have to keep my faith and patience intact. It’s a long road ahead and I will be taking one step at a time, quite literally. I am trying. 

I have regained force and movement in my right leg, even the doctors were surprised to see the rapid movement in that particular part of the body. My left side has very little force, but it will return with time. I have started sitting with support and my urinal pipe has been removed. I have a fracture in my right hand and I had to undergo surgery for that, don’t worry, that was a minor one. And you know what, amidst all this, I got an internship offer from Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)! I was over the moon, somewhere near Pluto. 

Do you think I could get this mail at a better time? You might, but to me, it seems that the universe is helping me and giving me enough motivation to get well soon asap! The internship is happening virtually for now, and I am able to do it. I am trying my best and it’s much fun and learning. Yes, I was a little suspicious in the beginning about this opportunity, but then I decided to flow with it and it’s going well. So, with all your love and blessings, I am on the right track. I have made some friends here, the staff is very helpful too. 

I would also like to thank all of you for ‘supporting’ me, when I saw the Karma points, I couldn’t believe it! It’s my first earning and it’s really sweet of you to support me. Swati, I love the song you recorded for me, I feel at peace listening to it. It feels great when all of you bless me in the comment section. I am sure, with so much love and grace, I will recover soon.