“Guru Govind dono khade, kake lagun paaye,

Balihari Guru aapke Govind diyo batay.”

In these lines, sant Kabir says, “The Supreme Lord and the Guru both stand at my doorstep, whose feet should I touch first?” And in the next line, he answers, “It has to be the lotus feet of my Guru, as he is the one who led me to the Supreme.”

Our scriptures are replete with the glory of Guru and how the Guru and the Divine are synonymous words. So today, I am jotting down the ways, we can offer gratitude at the lotus feet of the Guru. The below words are less for anyone else and more for me, as each one of you are so beautifully devoted to Swamiji. 

Ways to offer Guru Pranams:

  1. When we purify our heart, we make our heart the seat where our  guru can come and reside. So, getting rid of your impurities is like offering asana (seat) to your guru.
  2. Reading scriptures strengthen your faith in spiritual path and illumine your intellect that further ignites the inner fire of knowledge, so reading the scriptures daily in the light of wisdom your guru has provided you, is like offering a diya (lamp) at the altar of your Guru. (Comment added by Aarindamji,”I would like to add to point number 2 with all humbleness: πŸ™ Please read books and posts of Om Swamiji. Sometimes, maybe many a times, one finds one’s mental situation or bhava has aptly and unbelievingly been captured in His words).
  3. Each noble thought, action and deed bring forth the sattva in you, although the guru is beyond any qualities firmly established in the truth, the mode of goodness, sattva guna is his attire and is established in sattva is like vastra arpanam to your guru.
  4. Guru and his teachings are inseparable. There is no difference. Living the life divine and following the path your guru has shown you, is like offering incense to your Guru.
  5. Doing the sadhana daily elevates your consciousness and brings you in communion with divine. Practicing the sadhana your guru has imparted to you, is like paying a visit to your guru.
  6. The Guru is inseparable from the Supreme. The knower of Brahmand (the universe) becomes Brahmand. Remembering this fact and being established in this truth firmly is like offering obeisance to your guru.

May I read these lines again and again and again until this becomes my second nature.

May the Supreme grace me so that I can offer gratitude to my guru and become worthy of his presence. 

All glories to the GuruπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Jai Shree Hari πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™