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Thought for the Week

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Transformative Ideas

Developing a Positive Self-Image: Wishing the worst on those we feel have harmed us is a sure-shot way of getting trapped into a karmic cycle detrimental to our peace and growth, writes Narender Reddy. Instead, work towards painting a life you desire. Here’s how!

My Three Most Revered Teachers: This one is about three places that teach us about life. Sanjay Gargish offers an easy way to feel gratitude for what you have: Pay a visit to the three places he mentions in his blog, and you will step out feeling grateful for your life and everyone that it has given you.

The Power of Consistency!:  Doing nothing about our life will change nothing… Successful people do what they need to do whether they feel like it or not. Amarendra Om shares helpful tips on getting started.

Camels Never Sit: Yash writes about the metaphorical camels we all have in our lives. He has a sane piece of advice for the reader: Do not wait for the camel in your life to sit to start living life. Ok! Read it yourself for clarity.

Time to Have a Nice Warm LATTE: A coffee person or a chai person, this LATTE is for everyone looking to handle angry people in your life. Enjoy Hetal Sonpal’s blog over a hot cuppa.

An Unusual Story: Ritu Sharma reminds us that our foremost duty is to be sensitive to all, gender notwithstanding. There is food for thought and an opportunity to be kind to all men, women, LGBTQIA+, basically human beings!

When Grace Flows: “I used to be afraid of math,” writes Pijush Pratim Sarmah, as he talks about the grace that has permeated his life. “I finally got selected for the PhD program at IIT Delhi, was one of the 47 students in the country to be selected for the prestigious Graduate Scholarship offered by the National Board of Higher Mathematics… Last month, I received three offers for graduate studies from– Simon Fraser University (Canada), University of Colorado-Boulder and University of Arizona — which are well known for their graduate math program”. Read this inspiring blog to know the secret sauce of success. 

मैं सिक्कों में बिकना चाहता हूँ: I loved each of these four poems that capture the heart with their beauty, simplicity and truth. Sample this:

मैं सिक्कों में बिकना चाहता हूँ,
ताकि बच्चे भी खरीद सकें,
और पा सकें वृद्ध भी,
बिना नुकसान के डर के

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Om Swami Wisdom

Between Building and BreakingWhen you are down, depressed and low, when life seems like a dark dungeon with even darker demons lurking in its scary corners, have hope, and keep moving gently, writes spiritual leader Om Swami. He shares a beautiful story with a profound message. 

The Art of Being Positive: Spiritual leader Om Swami reminds us, “Being positive is a matter of choice. Positive people are happier people and generally more successful too.” He brings home the point in his inimitable style in this blog that you can’t afford to miss.

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