Many times, many like me start something with great enthusiasm but are unable to keep the momentum after some time. We quit! We always run in circles and hardly make any progress. Becoming very competent and good at my profession or anything I do has always been a top wish or goal for me. I am sure it is the same feeling for each one of us! Moreover, Swamiji appreciates ‘competency’ the most! I always wonder where is the root problem? Why I can’t have this feeling of ‘progressing ahead on my path’ frequently (admitting that some days, it might not be possible!)?

It seems, actually, I am certain, I have found the answer finally! I recently got the answer in a very short book titled, ‘The Power of Consistency: How Being Consistent Can Guarantee Your Success in any Area of Your Life’ (I came across this book on Amazon’s Kindle). This book is written by Matheus Guerra. It’s not that the stuff discussed by Matheus was not known to me earlier. But the way he presented it made all the difference!

Matheus puts, ‘The major barrier that prevents us from getting the desired results or success is: the lack of consistency!

Before I discuss what I got in the few pages of this small book, let me briefly tell you the meaning of success for me, as it is a very relative thing!

When I say success, I don’t mean the kind of success that is defined by society at large. By success, I mean: I decide something meaningful to do, I complete it. I tread a path and walk the full path completely. Say, I decided to learn a subject, I simply put the time and effort and eventually master it! It could be anything! I decide to do sadhana, I do it with full sincerity and complete it! I simply don’t leave it half-done midway!

It does not matter if a second person would appreciate it or not. It’s between me and my Divine! I hope you get what I mean! Such successes make you happy, give your life a new dimension! I am always in search of such feelings! I do get such feelings but very infrequently!

Swamiji has said it numerous times: one has to walk his path himself; none can walk it for him or her. No amount of listening to the discourses or reading is going to help! Matheus Guerra writes:

Doing nothing about our life will change nothing about our life. In fact, we must realize that key to any result is: action!

Successful people do what they need to do whether they feel like it or not. No matter how much effort it demands from them, they simply do it. Period.

This principle could be applied to anything in our life. Guerra writes:

If we read all the books in the world and do not take action by implementing what we read, we are simply wasting our time. Too much knowledge without implementation just becomes mental fat. If you want results, you must take action. And you better start right now. Don’t wait until you feel motivated.

Winners do what they are supposed to do no matter what the circumstances are. They choose to do what is right instead of doing what is pleasing at the time or all the time! Those who have time for excuses have no time for executing. When we commit to take consistent action every single day in despite how we feel, we are building our character through discipline. And when the action becomes a habit it doesn’t demand much effort anymore.

Everything written so far sounds good! But how do we start in the first place? I start something but cannot follow through! Why does this happen? This happens because our goal is bigger than what our actions can support. So, for heaven’s sake, for Sri Hari’s sake,

Start small!

The statement by Martin Luther King Jr. succinctly clarifies this point:

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

When we are confident enough with our new little habit, then we move on to something a little bit bigger. We should walk the path, whatever it may be, one step at a time with great patience. The only thing to remember is that we are not allowed to quit!

Matheus writes:

The hardest part is to start. The first step is always the most difficult and we all know that. But when you get the ball rolling it’s a lot easier to get going. When you build momentum, you just need keep moving forward. Every time we catch ourself thinking too much about a task and feeling like procrastinating, we simply need to remember this: The first 5 minutes are the worst, so just get out of your own excuses and start doing it.

All that matters is what you do today. Give yourself some time to weed out your excuses one by one, day after day. Keep going slowly until you’ve built the belief that you are moving forward every single day on your life. It doesn’t matter how much you have in your bank account, what type of car you drive or the job you have: If you are always moving forward you are being successful.

Finally some quick steps, thanks to Matheus!

  • List all the tasks that you know must be done in the day.
  • Pick the 3 most important ones (by the way, please don’t list ‘shopping’ as one of the items, in case you were thinking! : 🤨).
  • Use the ‘Eat that frog‘  concept.  

Swamiji’s life is an example of extraordinary determination, perseverance, hard work and self-discipline. He is a powerhouse of consistency! As His devotees and aspiring disciples, we can at least make some consistent effort! We can also tell ourselves a new story, a positive one! I have started telling myself a one! I hope to maintain my consistency! What about you?

Jai Sri Hari!