So much excitement in the air looks like Christmas arrived early here. Oh, wait! It’s something even better. The launch of the incredible Samurai Council has been keeping our favourite busy and buzzy.

Here’s your chance to up the ante, contribute to making the community better and become a champion of the cause. Join the mission! You can read all about being an Samurai here.

The platform has also undergone a makeover. Make sure you browse well and notice all the little changes the team made.

Here’s a big shoutout to Pankaj, Nikunj and the terrific team that worked tirelessly to make it cool, fun and invaluable. Living mindfully, spiritually and wisely has never been this attractive. Good luck to the Samurais, can’t wait to see your magic unfold.

Live it up!

Transformative Ideas

I have curated some excellent life-changing wisdom and handy ideas shared by bloggers. Give these a read.

Second Child – From A Mother’s Perspective: Sanghamitra and Biswa became parents again seven months ago to a lovely boy, Samil. “When my elder son was born, it felt like a magical connection got established the moment I held him in my arms. When I did not feel the same intense feeling while holding Samil, I felt guilty about being the worst mother in the world,” writes Sanghamitra in this heartfelt note. She shares her thought, learnings and challenges.

An Experience to Covet and a Deja-vu: Manish had the incredible opportunity to interact with and interview spiritual leader Om Swami for his channel Duologues. While you can watch the video to get insights on a wide variety of things, read the blog about Manish’s impression of the ashram and the meeting. 

The True, Authentic Cinderella StoryIn the Write to Mindfulness workshop, the participants were asked to write the famous Cinderella fairy tale from the step-sister’s point of view. Niraj’s assignment is a retelling that leaves the reader in stitches. He dug out the truth about the whole family and found out that they were, in fact, Indians. Also, she was not mean, just Meena. He definitely aced the homework.

My Grandmother’s Lap: Vasantha’s grandmother died at 94. What has stayed is the warmth that Vasantha felt in her lap. Even now, when the going gets tough, Vasantha closes her eyes and thinks about the warmth and the pain vanishes. “When she was not with me and when she is no longer with me now, what do I remember her the most for? That warmth in her lap is a part of my existence now.” 

From Underdog to Wunderkid: Her performance in the tenth grade was nothing great. But she took it as an eye-opener and a clarion call to study harder. So, Swati got into action. She changed her school, changed her friends, took up the subjects that interested her and brought every book out there on these subjects with the intention of mastering these. She even changed her personality from “a boisterous, overconfident” kid to a more “mellow, academic, and serious person”. However, she scored only 46%. So, she changed the game. As she looks back on her journey, she shares several invaluable lessons for success. 

Thinking Out Loud: Alright! I’ll admit. It’s not easy to understand or explain the narrative device Stream of Consciousness. And I have been aware of it since my graduation days when a wise professor first introduced the literary technique to me. However, Sheelu explains it effectively in a simple way and ends up writing an interesting piece of reading. She successfully demonstrates that it is also a mindfulness practice.  

When I Got Pickpocketed!Amarendra went on a quick trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh. He was very excited about it. Then, he realised that he had been pickpocketed. His wallet, with all its valuable contents that included his PAN card, his college ID, RAC, money, etc, was gone. He returned from the trip and wrote about his learnings from this incident.   

Bungee Jumping with Medha Shri: Disclaimer: The title is an attempt by the blogger to get even with me. I am Medha Shri, and I put Kirti in a spot during the Write to Mindfulness workshop. By placing my name right in the headline, Kirti has stunned me too. Fine! You have now avenged yourself! Just kidding… Kirti is a good writer but suffers from the ‘excellency syndrome’ and thus shies away from sharing her work publicly. In this blog, she draws a parallel between taking her first bungee jump and publishing her blog. It has all the makings of a good piece of writing.


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Wisdom from Om Swami

Seeing Past Yourself: The green mountains, the blue sky, a beautiful sunrise, it’s all there. You will only see beauty when you learn to see past yourself. And how do you do that? Learn it from the hamster, spiritual leader Om Swami.

The Seed of Empathy: Empathy is one of the greatest spiritual qualities. But how does one cultivate it? Here’s the wisdom from spiritual leader Om Swami: Be where they are to know why they are the way they are. Don’t be emphatic where being empathic will do. To know the difference, read the article now!

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