Whether you focus on the lack or abundance, you will have more of it.

I don’t recall where I read it, but there is no denying the truth of it. Our thoughts shape us and our lives.

We actively align our lives to what we wish to bring into it by changing our thoughts. Our thinking affects our biology. Science agrees. Therefore, it is crucial to watch our self-talk. Taking time out to deliberately choose thoughts is key to the life of your intention and dreams. Filling out the Year Book shared by Chantal Om Espitalier-Noel is a good start.

This week, I have several ideas to help you think about your thoughts, gleaned from os.me member posts. But first, a quote.

Quote for the Week

For many years, I have been receiving Notes from the Universe, which are emails with positive notes or reminders. I love getting these. You can register for it here. The following quote is a line that appears in every email.

Transformative Ideas

The Morning ThoughtWhat one thinks in the morning shapes up one’s day. By ‘one’s day’, I mean the thought patterns that define how one would react to situations, believes Subhash Iyer. He shares his secret of turning the day around in his favour and keeping the mind focussed on ‘what kind of person I want to be today’. Here’s a ready-to-use guide for you. 

How Kidwai’s Quran Spoke to Me: ‘As someone recently earning their “own” money, I’m often conflicted about how to spend, save, and give, writes Shivani Kohli. She found the answer to that and other life problems in Abdur Raheem Kidwai’s The Quran Speaks to You. She sums up a few lessons she learnt from the book on living a balanced life. Much food for thought.  

How to Make This Your Best Professional Year So Far: Sancharita Chatterjee has decided to make 2022 the year of upskilling and professional excellence. She has a well-thought-out plan and strategy to achieve that goal that she shares in this blog. This basic framework can be extrapolated to any element of life, including spiritual growth.

Customer is King – III: Although it sounds like a corporate story, it is a story of compassion, promise, and gratitude. Prahalad Rajkumar writes: How far should you go to take care of the customer’s interests? My friend Girish came up with one possible answer: 8 kilometres. This is a heart-warming blog of hope. 

Shift Your Attention — My Journey with Negative ThoughtsThe storm and power of negative thoughts that began were too powerful and very enjoyable. I imagined the evil people dying in my mind several times… and wished terrible things would happen to them so that they’d move out of my life. Anitha Om shares how she went from a negative to a positive thought pattern. Quite a journey, many teachings for the reader.

Beware of Your ThoughtsAround 7-8 years ago in his former company, some employees were asked to leave as part of the cost-cutting measures. Mainly those who were underperforming or surplus. But the way they were asked to go was unceremonious. Nandkumar recalls how his colleague almost a situation with his thoughts. Watch your mind!

What is Not Around Us: An infinite number of things aren’t around us. But there is plenty that fills our hearts and lives. Rajesh Kumar Ragothaman shares a simple story to help focus on what you have, and not let what you have not trouble you.

चुग्गी: Karuna Om rescued a kitten and wrote this heart-warming tale. Not everything you love, you get. But you don’t stop loving.


This week’s suggestion is coming from our lovely os.me community. Thank you, Hetal Sonpal. Here’s a collection of 15 instrumental songs with Chinese Zither.

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Wisdom from Swamiji

The Hammer and the Key: Mind chatters relentlessly. Is there a way to enjoy a few minutes of mental peace? Yes! Here is how to tame the mind or experience a flow of quietude on-demand — from spiritual master Om Swami.

The Zen Mind: When the flower of the mind blooms, it is spring all around. Let spiritual master Om Swami help you catch the spring with a Zen mind. Here is how to… in his inimitable style!

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