Look around you, what is there? It is easy to answer this question. We can observe hundreds of things that are around us. Instead, if I ask you to look around and identify what is not around you, it is nearly impossible to tell. There are an infinite number of things that is not around us.

One fine day Ram entered his apartment after finishing picking up groceries. They were going to cook some tasty parathas as their Sunday breakfast. Due to a power outage, he had to climb stairs. On his way he noticed that in one house they were cooking idli and sambar, another house they were cooking eggs, another house they were cooking biryani and so on. Entering his house he was so sad that he couldn’t eat the idly, biryani, egg and so on. He was thinking about what others were having and he was having only parathas. The story could sound ridiculous and childish because the house which cooks idly doesn’t have biryani and the house which had biryani might not have eggs and so on.

This is how we all feel many times. It is easy to count our blessings, but what we don’t have can be an infinite number of things. So instead of counting things that we don’t have let’s feel blessed for what we have.

When it comes to those around us and their activities, we seldom remember the good things that have done to us and remember the few things that have not done. Be it our parents, spouse, friends or clients, we just remember the few instances where they erred. They would have done so many sacrifices and would have made our life so delightful but we don’t take them into account.

So when it is about things Let’s recognise all that we have and when it is about relationships let’s remember the beautiful things people around us have done.