Namaste and a very Happy New Year, Dear Friends!

I do hope that 2022 has commenced on a high note and that you are feeling alive and kicking.

I have a couple of things to share with you. A poem that has reached my world, and I am gifting you a Year Compass Booklet of 2021/2022 where you can reflect on the past year and write down your new goals.

I love writing my goals at the start of every year and I offer them to Sri Hari. He knows best what is good for me and he will decide what to manifest in my world this 2022.

One must be careful while setting goals to differentiate between a wish and a goal. A wish is in a dream state whereas a goal that is set in life becomes an objective, an outcome and an aim.

Goals are necessary because it’s like a GPS in a car. If you don’t have a GPS in your car, how will you reach your destination?

Sometimes goal setting fails. It fails when goals:

1. Are not written down
2. Are not specific or real
3. When we have no Commitment towards them
4. When we have no support system and no accountability

Here is the poem:

Dear You,
You who always have so many things to do
So many places to be
Your mind spinning like fan blades at high speed
Each moment, always a blur
Because you are never still.

I know you’re tired.
I know it’s not your fault.
The constant brain-buzz is like a swarm of bees
Threatening to sting if you close your eyes.

You’ve forgotten something again.
You need to prepare for that thing, or else.
You should have done that differently.

What if you closed your eyes?
Would the world fall apart without you?
Or, would your mind become the open sky?
Flocks of thoughts, flying across the sunrise
As you just watched… and smiled.

– Keveri Patel

 It might take you a good two to three hours to complete the compass booklet, but it’s completely worth it. Have fun while doing it and do not hesitate to print and bind it.

The picture on the cover of this post is of the highlights of the past year.

I’m feeling hopeful and blessed for this year. I hope you are, too.

A big, warm hug to all you.