It is Tuesday already!

I know it is Wednesday today. However, that was my thought when I sat down to do the weekly round-up yesterday. The past week just flew by. I was swamped with work and plans. Yeah, those fancy fernweh things are a blur, if you are curious.

I did a crazy amount of coordination with people spread over the globe. I made some mid-year resolutions to up my skills, to exercise and to teach my older child to read those three-letter words (this has been the biggest challenge, trust you me). Okay, I Instagrammed, too. There was no time or energy to put those resolutions to work, though.

But no matter what I did, my mind was kinda muddled with all the thoughts and to-do items. Perhaps, that brought on the fatigue sooner. Anyway, I also again watched Limitless, that Hollywood film starring Bradley Cooper. The break cleared my mindscape. And now I have the key to accomplishing more in every aspect of life. It’s simple — a clear mind. If you have clarity of mind, you can change your life.

Here are 10 ways to unleash the power of your mind. Read the following articles and up your game. Emerge new.
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Wisdom from Swamiji

Struggling with Self-Discipline?: Are you? Don’t worry. Swamiji offers three tips to get your train back on track. This one is a quick read, effects last a lifetime.

How To Increase Brainpower?: Fancy building your brainpower? Swamiji offers steps to help you harness the power of your brain. The possibilities are infinite! I put it here again because we all need it.

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Inspiring Experiences

The 3 Powers: You wield your destiny when you have power over these three things. Yash Chawda spells out those in this article. Nah! You only think you know, read it to the end to understand how you can shape yourself and the future.

Of Planning: For a compounding journey of self-transformation, read Kunal’s fool-proof plan, ensuring a bias for action. Become a doer, plan right.

My Inner Immunity: Immunity is the buzzword ever since Covid struck. “Do I have the antibodies” is probably the most popular question after “Can you hear me now (think Zoom calls)”. But the disease is not the only thing that people succumb to. More often, hopelessness makes life a challenge. Trust an ashram resident to show the way. Sushree Nishtha shares a personal story that led her to discover the emotional antibodies. You’d need them even after the pandemic is over, so get working on developing those already.

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind: What if you could reprogram it to serve your goals? Biswa Nanda offers practical steps to shed limiting beliefs and negative habits.

Gift of a Dead Smartphone: When my new phone went kaput and then the laptop started acting up, I didn’t emerge out of this gadget-y soup as strong as Peeush. Just 15 days of no smartphone for his mind gave Peeush enough time to write six blogs, plant new trees, build fancy support for the money plant, finish reading a book, and win a professional contract. Ample food for thought here.

The Devil Mind: “A 36-year-old Indian woman in the UK has pleaded guilty to killing her five-year-old daughter because she was “terrified of dying from COVID-19” — Shalini Pandey casts an analytical gaze on the incident to help the readers understand how the mind loves to revel in assumed misery. Check yours from straying too far. I love Shalini’s eclectic writing.

The Story of My Faith: Manish Vyas got duped of ₹7 lakh, which was his father’s entire savings. He doesn’t have the heart to tell him about it. However, his faith leads him to unexpected events. The twist is satisfying. Faith can move mountains and your luck.

The Price of Pizza: Once on the lips, forever on the hips… Aisa kuch happened with Subhash Iyer. And he narrates the heroic tale of flushing that pizza out of his system. It’s funny because all of us can relate to this. Hello, mind, stop craving!

Transformational Tool

It’s only proper that I guide you to a highly effective course for the evolution of not just the mind and the body but also the soul! Check out the Self-Purification virtual retreat conducted by Swamiji and Sadhvi Vrinda Om. Your best self and life are just a fortnight away.

I hope you are all charged up. Before you binge the lovely blogs on OS.ME, give it up for all the new writers who shared some brilliant ideas and personal tales. This month we had about 50 new writers. Jagadananda Das and Madhavendu Das have 20 and 19 posts to their credit. Praveen Sagar has 13 posts and Ravi wrote 16. They surely made a splash in their debut month. Congratulations and a very warm welcome.

And you guys, let’s make this place more happening. We have a few upgrades planned which will be rolled out by and by. Let me know if you have any ideas for the community, thoughts on the newsletter, or just about anything. I am looking for suggestions, drop me a comment/s.

As promised, here’s a paid writing opportunity open for all. OS.ME is accepting pitches for the ‘writing saved me’ theme. Personal experiences preferred. Drop a mail with your pitch, if selected, we will publish and feature it. Oh! There might be a little something, too. Drop a mail to me at

Next week when we meet, I’ll have an exciting writing activity related to Guru Purnima for the community. Watch this space. Keep writing, and don’t forget to use the tags (find them in the panel on the right when you write the blog). Stay osme!

Until next…

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