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Shedding Your Past

“I want to change but my past haunts me, Swami,” a visitor said to me recently. “I constantly feel guilty for my sins. How do I get rid of my baggage?” “Two things will follow you to your grave,” I … Read more →

How to make a Relationship last?

While our lives revolve around the equations we share with other people, very few possess the relationship skills it takes to make them work. These relationship skills can be learned. Read on to know the key aspects that make relationships … Read more →

Honoring Your Word

“Lieutenant,” the Major warned, “you are not going back there.” “I am sorry, sir,” the lieutenant said. “I must.” “You are disobeying my orders. Plus, he must be dead by now.” “I am sorry, sir, but I must go back … Read more →

The Butterfly Effect

It was a fine Arabian horse that the highly revered Baba Bal Bharti had. A mere sight of the stallion evoked the same emotions in him as swaying crops would in a farmer. The last king of the Mughals, pleased … Read more →

The Center of Your Life

Who is the center of your life, and what is your relationship with God? Read Pingala, a prostitute’s story, and learn the true meaning of life. There’s a beautiful story in Srimad Bhagavatam. Impressed by his knowledge, King Yadu enquires … Read more →

A Blessed Life

In this post, let us explore the essential virtues one needs to adopt for living life – all that you need to lead a blessed life. Nine years ago, we rented premises for our business. It was a four-storey building … Read more →

The Source of Fear

Pema Chödrön in When Things Fall Apart narrates an interesting incident about her master Trungpa Rinpoche — a bold and controversial but transparent and truthful teacher. A young boy once asked him if he was ever afraid. Rinpoche answered that … Read more →

Whom to Please

The other day a young man asked me innocently, “Whom should I please? There are my parents, siblings, wife, children, boss and others. How should I choose between them or do I try and keep everyone happy?” “You forgot the … Read more →

The Daffodil Principle

There’s a term in Japanese and they say, like unique words in every language I suppose, that it can’t be translated. Wab-sabi. It’s not just a word but a philosophy, a way of life. Loosely interpreted, it means to find … Read more →

The Black Lotus App

Two years ago, at a meditation retreat, I announced developing an app where we all could meditate together. I called it the Pin Prick Effect and elaborated on it a bit more here. Come to think of it, there’s nothing … Read more →

Heaven and Hell

“Do we really go to heaven or hell after we die?” someone asked me the other day. “No.” “Are you saying the scriptures are false?” he contended. I replied with a little story I first read in a discourse by … Read more →

A Spiritual Attitude

What is spiritual energy? Is there a way to increase one’s spiritual energy? And will increasing my spiritual energy help me lead a more meaningful life? The answer lies in adapting three important core virtues (plus two more virtues). Read … Read more →

Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of our life? Is it meant to be something grand? Find the answer in this beautiful story of Sunil and his adopted son with autism. If you want to lead a purpose driven life, this is … Read more →

The Seed of Fearlessness

It was May 1986, I was six and a half years old and had just got into grade two in my school. It was so boring. All periods were held by the same teacher in my class. Everyday, for all the … Read more →

When Your Words May Hurt…

We often tend to struggle with speaking the truth versus avoiding hurting the other person. When our words can hurt, should we speak them at all, we wonder. The post below details this aspect of compassionate communication and suggests that … Read more →