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Core Values of a Good Meditator

Is meditation enough on its own? Not so, in my view. There are certain values a good meditator ought to cultivate to gain maximum benefit. The following topics have been covered in this session: The story of a sprinter [Compassion] … Read more →

The Stories we Tell

Every story has a moral. What do you want the moral of your story to be? Here is how you can pen a beautiful, inspiring story as promising as the dreams you carry in your heart. What do you do … Read more →


My achievement is not what I have, My introduction is not what I do, It is but who I am. A nobody. I sing I laugh I dance I clap, A speck of dust in the infinite creation, A vast … Read more →

The Gifts of Hurt

How do we come to terms with situations in which we have been hurt? How do we learn to deal with the gifts of hurt that life keeps offering us even when we have done nothing to deserve it? Read … Read more →

The Shortcut to Happiness

“Is there a shortcut to happiness?” Narayani Ganesh asked me last week, when I was speaking at the Bangalore Lit Fest.”Oh,” I said, “you mean a jugaad for happiness?” She and the audience chuckled with me. Jugaad means finding some … Read more →

Kindness Matters

The ministers were singing the glories of their king, Krishnadevaraya, who was the emperor of Vijaynagara. The king was swelling with joy and pride. After all, it was because of his able rulership that the prisons were nearly empty, his … Read more →

The Purpose of Your Life

This is perhaps the most important post I’ve written in the past eight years. You can view it as an announcement, a declaration or just another writeup. Either way, there’s something in it for you. All these years, I’ve met … Read more →

What Only Love Does…

Love is the very basis of human living. It is present in every iota of our day. But, what does love feel like? The kind of love that can make us move mountains, sacrifice our desires in the blink of … Read more →

The Secret of a Fulfilling Life

The formula for an ideal life: devote every ounce of energy and enthusiasm to your present one. Read on to learn how you can do this? “I hate Mondays,” someone said to me the other day. “And, if there’s anything … Read more →

Beware of Dogs

A devout religious man completed a sadhana spanning forty days. At the end of his spiritual practice, he was supposed to feed someone. He tried to get the local temple priest but he had already committed elsewhere and turned down … Read more →

Between Building and Breaking

A small girl was observing her grandfather who happened to be a tailor in a small village in India. Every time the old man used his pair of scissors, he would put them under his foot, keeping them pressed with … Read more →

The Opposite of Kindness

What is the opposite of kindness according to you? Is it inflicting harm on someone? Not so in my view. What is it then, you ask? Two years ago, I was traveling with Suvi in his car through a busy … Read more →

Politeness Versus Humility

The king of Baluchistan approached Khwaja Naqruddin (also known as Shaal Pir Baba) and requested the saint to accept him as his disciple. The khwaja, however, was a bit skeptical to accept the king. “If not a pupil,” the king said, … Read more →

Being Good

Come to think of it, it’s a philosophical question but as most such questions do, it does have a bearing on our lives. What is more rewarding: a relentless material pursuit or walking the path of inner peace? While they … Read more →

The Spirit of Service

Legend has it that the valiant ruler of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, was once sitting with a humble attendant of his. The year was 1580 when he was overpowered in an ongoing conflict with the Mughals. Though five years later, Maharana would reclaim most of his empire, … Read more →