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The Four Truths of Life

Have you always wondered how to live your life and make the most of it? Discover here the four truths of life that will help you give meaning to your life. “There’s only one thing I seek from God,” the … Read more →

Million Thoughts – A Book For Meditation

It was towards the end of February 2011. At an altitude of 10,000 feet, in a Himalayan forest, with icicles hanging outside from the thatched roof, I sat in intense meditation. Ten hours of perfect stillness of the body and … Read more →

Suffering to Happiness

Is suffering all about perspective? Sometimes [very often, in fact], I meet those who are single. Generally, they are looking for the right person, a companion to spend their life with. They have been either hurt in the past or … Read more →

When You Give…

Have you realized how we feel good when we give someone something, when we are able to do good for others? The feel-good factor magnifies even more if the other person cares about your offering and reciprocates in any way. … Read more →

Freeing Yourself from Anger

If only just this one person didn’t bother me, my life would be perfect. I would have no reason to be upset and nothing and no one could spark anger in me then. How often have you felt this? This … Read more →

The Path of Om Swami

Recently, I got a heap of emails from people worried about me. Some of them were hurt, some puzzled and others downright angry (not with me). Reason? Some baseless rumors they heard concerning the one they love and look up to — … Read more →

The Journey of Life

Contentment vs Comparison – Why do we feel stuck in comparison most of our life, while contentment is what we seek? Read on to learn how one can rise above comparison and make contentment your way of life. The other … Read more →

Four Aspects of Mindful Parenting

There’s a term often used in Vedic writings. They call it brahmachari. It’s frequently, and limitedly, interpreted as celibacy. Its true meaning, however, has little to do with abstinence. Brahmachari means the one who acts (acharna) like a divine being … Read more →

A Spiritual Experience

How do I know if I am on the right path? How do I measure my spiritual progress? And, what is the sign of a true spiritual experience? These are the three most common questions every sincere seeker asks me … Read more →

The Art of Criticism

A couple of weeks ago I wrote on how to carefully choose our words when stating the truth so we don’t hurt the listener. I also emphasized on the subtle distinction between having an opinion and speaking the truth. Just … Read more →

The Path of Truth

Someone asked me the other day, “Should I still tell the truth if it upsets the other person? I’m not doing anything wrong but my partner just doesn’t want to listen to my truth.” I hear variations of this question … Read more →


The other day I read the story of Patacara in Anna Prajna Douglas’s words from The Hidden Lamp. As follows (partially paraphrased): Some 2500 years ago, Patacara was born into a rich family in India but eventually ran off to marry a … Read more →

The Narcissist

Struggling with a narcissistic spouse or partner? The post below offers a spiritual way to deal with a narcissist, as well as helps identify narcissistic abuse and symptoms. Someone sent me the following email a few weeks back: I wanted to … Read more →

A Story of Grace

The other day, I asked Swami Raghvananda or Raghu Swami as I call him normally (one of the most devoted disciples I’ve ever known, full of life and detachment) if I could share one of his tales on my blog. … Read more →

A Word on Love

To love someone is to value them. To be attached to someone is to value ourselves. The difference is simple. And when we confuse the two, lovesickness is imminent. Real love, after all, requires time and patience and most importantly, … Read more →