जो अपनी गहराइयों से जुड़ गये तो तुम ख़ुद को पा लोगे।

फिर इस ब्रह्मांड का क्या अस्तित्व!
सब “मैं” में विलीन हो जाएगा।

बस तुम रह जाओगे।
बस “एक” रह जाएगा।

जो ख़ुद से भी परे निकल पाओ,
तो ये “एक” भी ना बचेगा।

जहाँ “एक” भी ना बचे,
जहाँ “एक” का अंत हो जाए,
वही एकांत।

उसी एकांत की कोख से शून्य का जन्म होता है।
यही शून्य इस ब्रह्मांड की आदि-चेतना है।

यही शून्य “शिव” है।

एक + अंत = एकांत।


धरा जले तो अंबर रोये|
(If the earth cries, the sky cries along)

पी की पीड़ क्या देखे कोय?
(For can a lover ever his/her beloved in pain?!)

जब प्रेम-विरह में आत्मा रोये,
(When the soul engulfed in the pain of separation, cries for the Lord,)

प्रभु की तड़प भी दुगनी होये |
(Even the Lord’s longing to meet his baby gets doubled)

जब-जब मन कोई उसे पुकारे, 
(Whenever a heart calls out for the Lord fervently,)

तज अवधान, वह तुरत पधारे |
(He immediately drops his eternal state of meditation and reaches out to his child.)

जो बालपन सा निश्छल कोय,
(If someone is as innocent as childhood itself,)

फाड़ खंभ को प्रकट वह होये |
(The Lord tears apart the pillar and manifest himself for him.) (Refers to Narsingh Avtar of Lord Narayan)

सम-चित जो मन ध्यान लगाये, 
(Being a state of equanimity sans any confusion, whenever someone meditates on Him,)

यम टालने महाकाल है आयें | 
(He manifest Himself as Mahakal (the slayer of Time and Death, and pulls His child out of the mouth of Death. Even the lord of Death, Yamraj is under His supreme control.) (Refers to Rishi Markandeya’s Story)

जब-जब आँसू तुम्हरे छलकें,
(Whenever even a drop of tear rolls down from your eye,)

रोएँ है गिरिवर, अँखियाँ भरके |
(The Lord of the Himalayas (One who is as grand as the Himalayas) cries out of extreme pain with you.)

मीरा ने जो विष था पीया,
(The poison that Meera drank with Giridhar Gopal’s name on her lips,)

नीलकंठ ने धारण किया |
(That same poison was contained by Lord Neelkanth Shiva in his own throat. Meera didn’t suffer the pain alone. The Lord suffered along with her.) (Reflects the truth that Shiva and Narayan are the same.)

तारक-भक्त जो काशी आये,
(The devotees of Tarak who comes to Kashi (Varanasi)  to drop their mortal body) (Tarak means one who liberates; another name of Shiva)

राम-नाम शिव उसे सुनाये |
(To them, Shiva imparts the holy name of Ram (MahaVishnu) and liberates them from the cycle of life and death) (Reflects the  truth that Shiva and Narayan are the same).

तुम जाओ बन-जंगल माहि, 
(You may go and seek Him in the wilderness of forests)

गिरि, गृह नापों, जो मन चाहि| 
(You may go and search from him in the mountains and plains; measure every inch of the land by your feet to your heart’s content).

जो थक जाओ, दें सूत्र बताइ,
(And when you are tired of searching for Him, remember this key that I am sharing with you).

भीतर बसे उर-कन्दरा माहि | 
(He resides in you within the cave of your heart; inside the deepest recesses of your consciousness)








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