I was listening to Om Swami’s zoom Satsang yesterday morning at 7:30, don’t feel like calling it a zoom meeting.  By the after noon all i remember of the satsang was 

Smiling Face of Om Swami

That he probably saw us, saw me at the end while he watched and blessed each of us at the end 

The activity to Strengthen Our Will Power is “Not to Do Something” 

Then he asked us To-Do Something. And that was confusing, he mentioned.  

I made a mental note of what i have to do is Not to do something. Okay that sounds confusing.  Lets try again, What I have to do is not to-do something that I know i should not do….

Swamiji, its much easier to understand but so difficult, so confusing to explain…….  a Do in which you do not Do!!  Okay lets have some clarity, some specifics, for e.g. : I will not shout. ( If Its something that I do and I shouldn’t )

Well , What is it that i shouldn’t do…. As i sat down thinking. What all do i do during the day?  Eat, Sleep, Walk, Work , Talk. Talk being he most widely used used activity, sometimes even while sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping, I remember one of those days rater night, when I slept very late  at night after work. My wife was already asleep. There was utter silence in the environment. even crickets had slipped into total silence. Half awake, Half asleep, tired , I slowly lied down on my side of the bed.  I had barely put my hand on my head and out of nowhere, my wife laughed out loudly. I was terrifying, 😱 so much  that i was out of the bed in one single move. Next she blabbered something which i don’t remember but it was good enough to understand that she was dreaming. she was laughing in her dream and in reality too. Just that sound of a loud laugh in the silence of the night had turned her from my better half into a horror half. Her hearty laugh liven up the house but at a wrong time, it had turned me into a sweating, trembling man with a pounding heart. She was dreaming, nothing wrong about it and yet the timing made it just not right, for me. Another example of Do which became a Not to do. 😬 it’s clear now, Swamiji.  what you meant by not to-do, My wife had already given me a demo of that ….😀😀 Wifes are always Right!!. 

We can’t do anything about talking while sleeping but why not create a check dam for this flow of words when we are awake. The first step would be 

  1. Brief  restrained conversations: Ask me a question and i will give you a lecture; We find many of those characters around us. More we speak less we listen, lesser the understanding, shallower is the build up of character and concept. Like Birbal who spoke little but spoke such that mighty Akhbar waited eagerly to hear him talk, I will Not talk at length but briefly.  This leads to Step2
  2. Not to speak unless asked to: Next to air whats freely available is Opinion and Advices…. that too without asking!! So i will Not Speak until Asked.  this leads to  Step 3
  3. Refuse to Talk: The eagerness to offer opinion, advices arises with such vigour, especially when we think we know about the subject or object, it becomes hard to control the flow.  Just checking within if its really necessary to talk, Can we just let it be and stay mum when its really not necessary without chocking ourselves. 

    Mullah (to his wife): I think you should spend a few days in solitude, with yourself.       

    Wife: But Mullah! I would get so bored being alone!       

    Mullah: My dear, if you find yourself boring, then how can you be interesting for others? ( जोर का झटका हाय जोरे से लगा!!)   

    So, I will Not Talk and be at peace with it.  this leads to  Step 4

  4. Purity of Speech through purity of thoughts : This is a useful Gyan from Whatsapp University. the last part of the forward was, “
      1. Whatever you are going to tell me is Useful? if not, Do not Speak.”
      2. “Whatever you are going to tell me is Positive? if not, Do not Speak.”
      3. “Whatever you are going to tell me is Beneficial? if not, Do not Speak.” applying it on ourselves, This leads to step 5
  5.  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Point 5 is left blank intentionally and this step is hidden in this post….Its for you to find out, Post your finding in the comments!!
  6. Silence: One part of silence is not moving the lips and other meaning is to be rid of thoughts itself leading to silence of words itself. The latter part is meant for Yogi’s like Om swami and other evolved souls, probably you too!! For the rest of us, 20 minutes session on Black Lotus app will do!! so To-Do is to use #BlackLotus app and not to-do is not to move lips to leading to not having thoughts. These are the tools, little ones to move from blah blah blah to hmmmmm to Oommmmmm, the final step of Not to Talk, to practice silence.

Eureka, not  to talk while is to do a.k.a practising silence, its clear !! To do something while not to do something that swamiji mentioned in the zoom session.😇. 


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