तेरा होना ही बस मेरा होना है,

(Your existence alone is my own existence)

तुझको खोना जैसे खुद को खोना है।

(Losing You is as excruciating as losing my own Self)

साँसे चलें पर मेरा क़त्ल हो जाए,

(Let me die even though the breath keep flowing through my body. Let the “I” die while I am still alive)

हर नफ़्ज़ में जीये तू,

(And when I die while my body is alive, may You partake every ounce of my life-force. May You live in every breath that I take.)

कुछ ऐसा मेरा हश्र हो जाए!

(By the grace of the Lord, may the above condition be mine)

लोग कहते हैं, “उठ! नमाज़ में सर झुका!”

(People says, “Get up! Bow your head down in prayer!”)

तेरे सजदे में झुका सर उठाने की फ़ुरसत कहाँ है?

(My head is already prostrating at Your feet. Where do I have time to even look up and then bow down in prayer!

मुट्ठी-भर पल बैठ इबादत क्या करूँ,

(What is the point of taking out a fistful of moments in the name of devotion/worship…)

मेरा हर एक ख्याल तुझसे रुख़सत कहाँ है!

(…when You accompany my every single thought!)

तेरे नाम में, मेरे मालिक, अनहद की सदा है,

(In Your name, My Master, I hear the echoes of Anhad Naad, the Universal Sound of Onkaar)

इन लबों पर बिखर जाती है जो वो तेरी ही अदा है!

(The smile that spreads across these lips whenever You name touches it, is nothing but Your charm shining through it)

अहल-ए-दुनिया की नज़र में अघोरी,

(To the eyes of the people, I look like a dishevelled Aghori. The outer appearance is for the outer world)

तेरे इश्क़ में दुल्हन-सी सँवर जाती हूँ। 

(Your love embellishes this Aghori like a newly-wed bride. The beauty of the heart and the soul is for the One who resides inside)

ज़िक्र तेरा किसी इत्र-सा बरसता है मुझपर,

(A mere mention of You showers some ethereal scent on me)

तेरी हर उठती नज़र पर मैं निखर जाती हूँ।

(Everytime Your gaze falls upon me, all of a sudden I become beautiful)

जलते आफ़ताब के सीने पर

(On the chest of the magnificent glow of sun that adorns my Master’s entire being,…)

पिघले महताब-सा पानी है,

(…The coolness of His Love shines like water made of the molten moon,)

गेरुआ आसमान ओढ़े,

(In the form of His robe, He wears the entire sky on His body..as if the immense blue sky has turned ochre-coloured by His touch)

मेरा मालिक रूहानी है!

(My Master is ethereal and unworldly!)

किसी को अल्लाह में दिखा वो,

(Some realised Him in Allah)

कोई राम से ना उसे जुदा पाया।

(Some discovred that He isn’t different from Lord Ram)

मेरी हस्ती बस एक शागिर्द की,

(My only identity is that I am His disciple…)

मैंने मुर्शिद में खुदा पाया!

(…and hence, I found my God in my Master)