Mumma, its you who is to be blamed for this grave, life-long suffering in my life, just from a tender age of 12…”

“Had you been careful in your driving, this accident could have been averted!!!!!!My leg would have been intact……. and by now even I would have been happily married to some handsome guy.!!!!!”

Dheera just can’t get rid of this ever echoing mental blabbering.

 Her young, now 30 years old, sweet daughter Pavitra finds it very hard to live a happy life with so many dreams crushed….. Dreams, which were legitimate, very normal and common for any growing girl….. Almost everyone yearns for a sweet life partner, for a happy married life….

” Pavi, कभी किसी को मुक़्क़मल जहां नहीं मिलता……, we all need to accept and move forward…. we need to count our blessings instead…..”

Pavitra always listens to such gyan very patiently, and tries her best to walk the path. Yet…. दिल तो है दिल, इसको कैसे करें पत्थर….. Its simply impossible to forget pain….. Pain is pain…. Its not a mental game…. Its real… If tamarind is sour, it will taste sour… if bitter guard is bitter, it will taste bitter…

The best one can do to get over it is to GET BUSY, I suppose. Spirituality, no doubt, is the panacea for all pain, but not everyone gets to its bottom and feel it in totality…. 😊, at least not someone as young as 12…. or even 16… 18…..

Now some food for thought 

When someone gets a hurt, faces a huge life-long set back, or falls sick, or faces a financial issue, or an emotional turmoil , who do our mind blames🤔

Only a few can say that yes, I myself own the responsibility of this misfortune.

 Reading the commentary on the names of Maa (Lalita sahastranamavali) is such a delightful and deep experience. The esoteric explanation is so diligently accumulated, drafted and shared by a devotee, on a WhatsApp group of om swami devotees.🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️No words can express my gratitude.

Today while reading the explanation of Maa s name dandnitistha, दण्डनीतिस्था, a lot of wisdom, or say, hidden pearls have been showered on me. All glories to The Almighty🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️.

Maa, always always puts balm on the wounds. We, the immortals, need to understand this to FEEL its soothing effects.


दंडो दमयतामस्मि  नीतिरस्मि जिगीषताम….



Blessed to be a part of Maa’s  Universe.


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