Three years back on this day I met my “GURU” ❤️ Swamiji ❤️. I was like the plastic flower that looked like a real flower but in reality i was as good as dead with no real fragrance and essence to it.But with just one glance Swamiji killed something in me and I was born again.just like how snakes sheds their old skin in the same way I started shedding my old skin slowly and gently under his eternal grace.The plastic flower was finally removed and the seed of reality was sown which has started to sprout with the fragrance of Love, compassion and Truth. Though the seed is small but it has life and the fragrance and the essence of the eternal reality.Thank you Swamiji for bringing me back to life and accepting me with all my flaws….yours forever’❣️

Thank you Swamiji for always protecting me from the seen and unseen and keeping me safe in your arms.❣️